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PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 12:34 pm
by 2dimes
Appearently the ipoker network is enforcing a no rake back rule.

I don't know if anyone cares or what but I figure I should post the email www.scam11!!! sent in case.

I know there were a few people that didn't have a problem with taking their money for playing. I doubt it's relevant to me because I'm such a low ball player lacking in skills. So yeah anyways here read it and discuss.

This is an important update, and one that I am very excited to give. Tomorrow at midnight marks a new beginning for PokerInside, and as far as we are concerned, a new beginning for all of online poker. We are making some very important changes, which have been noted below. Please read this letter in its entirety and trust in the well-known fact that PokerInside will take care of you and do all that is possible to take your poker career to the next level!

iPoker Rule Change
Beginning Friday night at midnight, iPoker will be enforcing a NO RAKEBACK ALLOWED rule for ALL iPoker poker rooms. This is a huge step in the right direction for iPoker to become one of the greatest poker networks, all things considered. Clearly, this means big changes for PokerInside, because we are no longer allowed to offer Rakeback to our members on CDPoker or any other iPoker room. This may seem unsettling at first until you continue reading what great things will come.

True Sponsorships by the Thousands up to $4,000/month
As you know, our goal throughout the history of PokerInside has been to build the best poker team on the planet. Now that we cannot offer Rakeback, we will be bringing back our idea of Sponsorships in dramatic fashion. We have a team setup to review players of all skill levels on a daily basis, and depending on the value and potential of the player, we will be giving away sponsorships of all kinds by the thousands! You are likely used to Sponsorships from the $20 - $50 range. We are now opening up possibilities and willing to invest a much larger amount into our REAL poker players...up to $4,000 per month. These will be rewarded on a weekly basis to begin with, and will be subjective. One hint of advice...We will be monitoring your CDPoker account closely, so play hard. Play often. And, take it seriously!

Top Rake Rewards
This is a big one! Some of our long-time members remember the excitement and competitiveness of the Top Rake Rewards. Well, we're bringing them back, but in a much better way. Instead of having only one Top Rake Reward that rewards our top 10 players, we will have numerous "leagues", made for players with different skill levels and bankrolls. Players of all levels will be competing against other players of their level, meaning EVERY member has a chance to win Top Rake Rewards for some serious cash. Also, you no longer have to fight and battle all month for your spot on the TRR. Every WEEK we will be resetting the TRR Leaderboard, which means you also get paid weekly!

Community Challenges and Promotions
We are going to be investing a lot more money in the prizes we give for our community challenges and promotions. Also, as always, we will push all poker rooms we work with to offer only our members top deposit bonus deals that blow the competition out of the water. We plan on adding more Freerolls and more tournaments with higher valued payouts. Basically, because we do not have the rakeback expense, we have a lot more money to spend on better prizes and rewards!

So, what next?
To be completely honest, this is still only the beginning of what we will be doing with PokerInside. You will notice that by Friday at midnight, your Rake and RakeBack stats will not be in your PI account anymore, and all Rakeback earned up until this point will be added to your Account Balance as a transaction, so you are not losing a penny. Starting now, Rakeback will be replaced very quickly with Sponsorships coming from us, depending on your CDPoker play. So, have no fear that your play at CDPoker will go unrewarded. We will still be taking care of you, as long as you're playing with us.

We are extremely thankful for you, because you are the reason we exist. As an existing member, you know what we have accomplished and you know where we are headed. We plan to have a shift in focus to become a community-based network for poker players that is famous for providing all players with the tools and resources necessary to take their poker game to the highest level possible. While you play your poker, rest assured that we will be working 24/7 behind the scenes to provide you with the absolute best services possible.
If you have ANY concerns at all, or have trouble understanding these changes, please do email your VIP account manager at: Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for some big changes at, and keep playing at CDPoker. You'll be well-rewarded!

Your Friend and Poker Partner,
Jason Walken
Chief Executive Officer

So there you go it's a long drawn out letter potentially packed with Bologna Sandwich.

But hey it might be worth while if you never had a problem with them to look into snagging the monthly 4K. I have to think it's a long shot getting that much coin out of them but even though I had to send the monk2y several e-mails I did eventually get sponsorship for playing at CD, paridise and praty.

Lastly I kind of don't like CD but that seems to be a personal issue as it make it so I can't open any other window when I play there. I think it's on my end. (improper clearing of my cashe no doubt.)

PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 12:40 pm
by Nappy Bone Apart

PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 12:45 pm
by 2dimes
ipoker network is not going to allow rackback.

The team at pokerintheeye is claiming to offer huge monthly sponsorships if you play well enough not to need sponsorship.

I was sent that monstrosity of an e-mail and figured someone that plays well and doesn't hate monk3y or someone else on their crack team could use the sponsorship.

Lets see how good his radar is now, will he show up here?

PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 12:48 pm
by Nappy Bone Apart
Better. No wonder they think it's exciting, they get to horde your money better. I give it 4 months to the rake increase this was designed to be all along.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 12:58 pm
by 2dimes
So it could be futher summerised to.

"Ha!! what a scam!1!1!!11" ?

I think the old way where they gave you fifty bucks to start with was a no risk kind of thing though. Even I have 16 bucks left from that I could get a cheque for it I would think.

I'll let you know how the rake back thing works out I'll apearently be getting my 80 cents plus or what ever the rake back I earned is.

Flame wars

PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 2:47 pm
by hendy
Your confused for the forum where u talk about stuff that dosent have 2 do with cc. :wink:

Re: Flame wars

PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 3:11 pm
by Bogusbet
hendy wrote:Your confused for the forum where u talk about stuff that dosent have 2 do with cc. :wink:

Really just FOAD.

Re: Flame wars

PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 3:11 pm
by mightyal
hendy wrote:Your confused for the forum where u talk about stuff that dosent have 2 do with cc. :wink:

hendy, try a different translator please.

Babelfish's retard-to-English engine isn't their finest moment.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 3:13 pm
by 2dimes
Cool I've had a thread kicked out of the flame forum.

Sorry Lack.

I kind of figured you would have perfered to contain us there.