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Postby Snorri1234 on Fri Jan 04, 2008 9:24 am

CrazyAnglican wrote:That's good, I noticed you didn't want to touch whether or not the problem just cropped up because he was governor. You don't seem to be out after Bill & Hilary Clinton about this issue and they ran Arkansas before Mike got ahold of it.

Yeah I'm not blaming anyone for it being there so much. I know the problem predates Mike by quite some years.

Yet, you conceeded he had some good ideas in his foreign policy? If you would look at his stances on the issues you'd find out he isn't the hard-liner that you seem to be afraid he is. There have been plenty of very devout Christians who have held the office of President and did so without jeopardizing the separation of Church and State.

I meant he has no idea what he is talking about regarding this issue. The misconceptions about evolution he has are just fucking scary.
The man has no idea why we shouldn't teach creationism in science-class.

Snorri1234 wrote: If he isn't directly responsible or even has any influence over it, then he should've said that instead of going on about how "darwinism" (does not actually exist) is merely a theory and not a fact and therefore creationism should also be taught.

So now the Theory of Evolution isn't a theory? You seem to have a lot invested in this theory. I agree, as an educator, it's in the state's curriculum it should be taught. The whole idea of teaching kids science, however, is to give them the fundamental knowledge and skills to look at the world around them and make intelligent, well-founded observations based on it. No theory, not this one or any other should be preached as if to question it is lunacy. That is directly the opposite of scientific method. Shouldn't it be more like this?
science teacher wrote:"Hey, this is the theory. Oh? you think you see something wrong with it? Great! set up a model and test it. Okay so now what did you find out?"

The Theory of Evolution is a theory just like gravity is. It is fact and theory, something which fundies just can't fucking accept. The scientific definition of a theory isn't the same as the one in everyday speech. We don't teach children the many different theories of gravity. We don't say: "Hey kids, this is just a theory, we also have other versions that deal with angels pushing down everything on earth so we don't float away."

High school science shouldn't consist of teaching creationism as a valid theory, because it's fucking bullshit and would only mislead the kids. Teaching them critical skills is all fine and dandy, but you can't expect that from kids untill they're about 17-18. First kids are taught the facts agreed upon, then they're confronted with other stuff.
For example, have you doubted the existence of Californium when your teacher told you about it? No, because kids are not in the position to question stuff like that. So when you start confronting them with viewpoints that are wrong, they just lack the proper skills to see they're wrong.
Creationism should be something excluded from science-class because it's not fucking science.
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