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Silver's 1st Antarctica Quads [Winners: WAR]

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Re: Silver's 1st Antarctica Quads [Winners: WAR]

Postby anamainiacks on Mon Dec 16, 2013 9:45 pm


The last games of the tournament are now over. But even in its final stages, the tournament had no lack of drama. DAMQ swept all 4 of the last Doubles games, earning them 12 points in one fell swoop. However, they were too far behind the other teams for it to put them back on top. The lack of points earned, however, did mean that the top 2 teams - 3P's and WAR remained tied at 29 points apiece. As such, the tiebreaker rules that were implemented at the end of the Quarterfinals (and approved by original TO, silversun6) now come into play.

anamainiacks wrote:As the tiebreaker rules have not been established, the following tiebreaker system will be used for ALL stages of the tournament:
  1. Head-to-head comparison of Quads results (i.e. the 2 Quad games they played against each other).
  2. If the above is equal, then number of total Doubles wins in the round.
  3. If the above is equal, then average order of elimination from Doubles games (counted by last player of team to be eliminated).
  4. If the above is equal, then a Quads game between the two teams will be played.

Points 1 and 2 are equal, so using point 3 we have:
AVERAGE DOUBLES PLACING (1=win; 4=first out)
3P's: 2.92
WAR: 2.50

And so, with the better average doubles placing of 2.50, WAR has won the tournament, consisting of the players Kingm, dkmaster, hmsps and stevenshome!


As for the hunt for the General Achievement Medal, the doubles team that won the most number of doubles games over the course over the tournament is Kingm & dkmaster, with 8 wins out of the 18 they played! Both of them will thus be walking away with an additional medal, on top of their Tournament Achievement Medal, for being the Top Doubles Team! Congratulations!
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