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Postby Kinnison on Thu Aug 05, 2010 12:47 pm

I need an undetermined number of reserves for Powers of Three, a TPA tournament, but would like to have at least 3, preferably 4.

My one existing reserve is expected to be activated within 24 hours *the player he'll be replacing hasn't logged on in almost 2 weeks*. I *may* have immediate need for one more (no contact with the player as yet, but someone's getting their PMs). Over the next few weeks of the first round, odds are I will need to use 1-2 MORE reserves, based on prior tournaments... but they may not be called on.

Premium Players only.
Reserves will ONLY be used during the first round, so if you're not needed in the first few weeks, I'll thank you handsomely for waiting in the wings.

If called upon to play, you will be sent auto-join links for every game you need to play. So no searching or passwords to recall. The full round is 31 games over 3 "waves", which will be sent out either 7 or 14 days apart. Games consist of 4-player, 7-player, and 8-player escalating games against a pool of 26 opponents.

Further details are available in the tournament thread linked above and in my signature.

Thank you.
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