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Tournament Courtesies

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Tournament Courtesies

Postby lostatlimbo on Mon Jan 16, 2012 3:20 pm

So you signed up for a tournament (or two or three or ten).

You receive an invite to your game(s) from the tournament organizer and... you DECLINE.

Maybe you overcommitted. Maybe your premium expired. Maybe you just need a break or something came up.

That's fine. It happens, but why not send the TO a PM or post something in the thread?

It always surprises (and frustrates) me when a player declines an invite with no note or inclination of why. Don't be rude... if you have to drop, let the TO know. If you just need some time, let the TO know. Whatever the reason, it doesn't hurt PM or post about your decline/delay/whatever.

Any other pet peeves or things you'd appreciate from players (or organizers)?
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