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2018 Madness Olympics

PostPosted: Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:29 am
by Mad777
Oye! Oye!

Before investing my time into this new event I'm seeking opinion and would like to gather vote that may help me to make it better and more successfull than the first installment (Madness in Rio).

New features will join this possible upcoming 2nd edition such as settings layed in advance, map to be establish before event to kick in (not as much as Random map, perhaps only 10%-20% or not at all).

Some of the settings to be almost non existant such as Manual, Zombie, No Reinforcement...but poll will determine much better where you all want to go if you plan on participating. For this reason I would love to have your vote added by a comment in this thread telling why you chose such an answer, I also made the poll where member can change their vote in case any misunderstanding or after thing has been clarified to be a set rule in case member voted without reading the thread from others comment(s) and/or answer(s) from me.

The 2nd post will show what would be the setup of the event from your comment and kind of building the future Madness with what the majority of the members would like to see.

There is only one important note that need to be said right away is the lenght of it, as of now the Madness in Rio has reached a year and a half since first tournament started and may extend to a 2 years timeframe to have all 85 tournaments completed (I don't count the closing ceremony with Battle Royale since this part of the event is purely fun and won't affect the final ranking), with this being said I would love to found a format that get this upcoming Madness to run for no more than a year and a half or shorter if all possible (remember this type of massive event needs some work to run smooth).

I will start to build the 2nd post with the major area where rules need to be set per your wish (at least from a majority) and will see how it goes....Let's get on it 8-)

Poll to be open for 90 days (or more if needs to be)

Upcoming event setup

PostPosted: Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:30 am
by Mad777
  • Too much game at once

Re: 2018 Madness Olympics

PostPosted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:04 pm
by t4mcr53s2
for me, as fun as it was there were to man=y times when 10-15 games would start in the same 8 days and get me in trouble on time especially if cc olympics and /or clan wars were busy ; maybe limit most rounds to 3 games and seperate ones with 5 on more by more than 2 weeks ?