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Postby resitnecdan on Fri Dec 08, 2006 10:28 am

General WCCL Standings

1.hasaki 16p
2.AndrewO 15p
3.Bad Speler 12p
4.Julia Gulia 11p
5.Hugh.G.Rection 9p
6.alan roper 8p

7.degeneration 6p
patsfan 6p
9.igotaished 3p
panzermeyer 3p
what,me worry? 3p
bornslippy 3p
hwhrhett 3p
poolshark 3p
cyberdaniel 3p
Enter Smith 3p
17.flipper1219 2p
hendy 2p
Evil Semp 2p
20.paws1610 1p
jaydog 1p
LSU Tiger Josh 1p
osujacket 1p
Nikolai 1p
AndreiVajnaII 1p
phishn80 1p
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Highest score: 2136
Most points in a game: 121
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