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Looking for 1st experience in a Clan

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Looking for 1st experience in a Clan

Postby Armandolas on Mon Apr 23, 2012 5:14 am

Hello Everyone
Ive been playing risk for a long time, and recently i rejoined conquerclub.
I would like to experince a new way of playing, joining a clan and participating in competitive matches.
Im more used to play singles games,but im a good team player(can communicate and follow instructions), although inexperienced.
Although i like to rank up, i also find challenging to try every map avaliable, wich has costed me a lot games.Anyway i just like to have fun, as playing allways the same maps just to rank up is really boring.

So if you have any interest in new recruits, if u are pretty organized and if u are ambicious, just send me a word.

Take Care
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