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mgibson90 Potential Multi [cleared] BG

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mgibson90 Potential Multi [cleared] BG

Postby unsthable on Wed Apr 24, 2013 1:32 am

I know it says to be sure before accusing someone, which I'm not. However very similar game records in game history with different opponents, and all games played previous to a current game that I am involved in being against New Recruit players has very strong suspicion raised.


The accused are suspected of:
Being Multis

Game number(s):
Game 12646899
Game 12645378
Game 12645330

All of the referenced games seem to have the same story of the opponent of mgibson90 apparently playing the first couple of rounds in a game, most likely to burn out the majority of their troops to make the game faster by spreading them so thin that they have 1 troop on each territory. This is most notably seen in game Game 12645330 where the game log shows mgibson90 was able to take over 6 territories in round 2, and addiosno6800 then subsequently missed the rest of that round and all remaining until the game ended, outside of one round of deploying troops on one territory and timing out the round.
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Re: mgibson90 Potential Multi [cleared] BG

Postby BGtheBrain on Wed Apr 24, 2013 1:50 pm

There all cleared for now.

Looks like a group of friends trying out Conquer Club

Lets hope some stay, Ill keep an eye on them though over the next few weeks,
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