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feature request

Postby thegurumonkey on Tue Apr 24, 2018 7:28 pm

call me cretinous but these 2 features would help me stop shooting myself in the foot:

A pop up to ask if you're SURE you want to attack your ally, like the 'are you sure you want to auto-assault' pop up - but you could have a 'don't show again' if this might annoy those who somehow DON'T keep attacking themselves in poly games instead of re-inforcing!!!

A pop up to say "Are you happy with how your troops have been added?" on Manual initial troops, as to undo (ie have an 'unlimited' reinforcement phase until clicking that you're done) would not yet bestowe any advantage (as enemies troops would remain hidden) but would allow you to correct when a mouse-wheel clicks instead of scrolls and thus irreversibly drops all your remaining troops on one territory... It would also allow you to keep juggling troop arrangements to view alternatives without having to do the maths in your head before starting to place troops.

THANKS! Great game! (when i'm not self-harming myself with ditsy mistakes!)
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