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Molecular Warfare: Hydrocarbons(THE MAP AND XML ARE DONE BUT

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Molecular Warfare: Hydrocarbons(THE MAP AND XML ARE DONE BUT

Postby BigPotato on Thu Dec 13, 2018 7:09 pm

Map Name: Molecular Warfare: Hydrocarbons
Mapmaker(s): BigPotato
Number of Territories: 24 (designed for a 3 player quick games)
Special Features: Bombardments: "double bonds" Decaying: "O-"
What Makes This Map Worthy of Being Made: Very original idea, the map is actually a very complex hydrocarbon molecule and i think it would be really interesting to play
Map Image:
Click image to enlarge.
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Re: Molecular Warfare: Hydrocarbons(THE MAP AND XML ARE DONE

Postby HitRed on Thu Dec 13, 2018 7:23 pm

Granted honorary membership in the CC Science Division :D

Welcome to the Foundry. Looks like you have been doing your homework. Great start. A background might be nice. This is just to use up the visual space instead of a solid area. Most bonuses are color coded so you might want to make all the components of Amino Group green for easy reference. Another orange and so on. You also need to give yourself credit and add your name as Artist and XML.

Again, welcome to CC!

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