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Saved Searches Script by stocksr - help me pls

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Saved Searches Script by stocksr - help me pls

Postby Han Solo on Sun Nov 04, 2007 4:37 am

1. This script stopped working when it turned my pc on this am :-(

Some trackers :

- I use Firefox. Firefox proposed a latest version update yesterday, so i installed it. But i think the script still worked after.

- Greasemonkey shows the script installed and activated.

- My Dice Analyzer script works - won't complain about dice, they're just GREAT :-) ;-)


2. As i am on this, can someone who knows BOB's script well help me?

I installed it as required about 6 weeks ago, and despite several attempts, and a post here, i could never get it working. It works... as when i activate it, i get visible effects on maps, etc, i have to desactivate Ajax, etc, etc... but the matter is that when i enter a game, i could never get the BOB MENU to appear in my Personal menu..

Thoughts, anyone ? A help would be highly, highly appreciated

Thanks ! :idea:
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Postby rebelman on Sun Nov 04, 2007 6:41 am

1 - this possibly had as you suspected something to do with the latest firefox upgrade as I was talking to point guard in chat last night and the same thing has happened the two of us.

(as this is not the appropriate forum, I will not make any jokes about someone who plays as few games as PG needing this search option working*)

* PG is a fantastic player, one of the best on here, despite hw few games he plays

2 although it is still being debugged you are better off at this stage making the switch to yeti's ajax enabled script than trying to fix/load old BOB.

ajax enabled BOB by Yeti
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