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Havoc Boards Tournament


<p>Conquer Club is VERY excited to be teaming up with Havoc Boards for this special tournament. Havoc Boards designs incredible custom gameplay boards for home games: <a href="http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/972402475/havoc-boards" target="_blank">http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/972402475/havoc-boards</a> The Havoc Boards Tournament will see 640 players compete over six rounds on various maps. The champion will win a custom Havoc Board of their own design ($500 value).</p> <p>The tournament is free to enter. All that is required is that you SHARE the Kickstarter project:<br /> <a href="http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/972402475/havoc-boards" target="_blank">http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/972402475/havoc-boards</a><br /> You must have shared the page before the tournament begins to be eligible to win prizes.<p>
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Conquer Cup Havoc Boards Tournament
<p>The Havoc Boards Tournament features a <strong>second chance round!</strong></p> <p>The format is as follows:<br /> <strong>Round 1:</strong> 5 player games (winners advance to Round 3)<br /> <strong>Round 2:</strong> 4 player games (losers of Round 1 games play again, winner advances)<br /> <strong>Rounds 3 - 6:</strong> 4 player games</p> <p>Grand Prize:<br /> * A custom designed Havoc Board ($500 value)</p> <p>Finalists (3):<br /> * An engraved wooden Havoc Board ($100 value)</p> <p>Semi-Finalists (12):<br /> * A classic style Havod Board ($30 value)</p> <p>Quarter-Finalists (36):<br /> * All quarter-finalists will receive a free entry into the next Conquer Cup</p>
Round 1 - Classic
Round 2 - Australia
Round 3 - USA
Round 4 - British Isles
Round 5 - North America
Round 6 - Germany
Game Type:Standard
Initial Troops:Automatic
Play Order:Sequential
Fog of War:No
Trench Warfare:No
Round Limit:20 Rounds
Round 1 Playing: 0 Eliminated: 500 Waiting: 0 Advanced: 125 [view participants] [view games]
Round 2 Playing: 0 Eliminated: 100 Waiting: 0 Advanced: 25 [view participants] [view games]
Round 3 Playing: 0 Eliminated: 20 Waiting: 0 Advanced: 5 [view participants] [view games]
Round 4 Playing: 0 Eliminated: 4 Waiting: 1 Advanced: 0 [view participants] [view games]
Round 5 Playing: 0 Eliminated: 0 Waiting: 0 Advanced: 0 [view participants] [view games]
Round 6 Playing: 0 Eliminated: 0 Waiting: 0 Advanced: 0 [view participants] [view games]