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Official Event: The 7 Days of Conquer Club

The 7 Days of Conquer Club
Starts2014-12-22 00:00 CCT
Closes2015-01-31 23:59 CCT
On the 7 days of Conquer Club, your true love (Conquer Club) sends to you:

28th: 7 players moaning - 7 Player games, Red stockings, Orange gifts
27th: 6 players groaning - 6 Player games, Green stockings, Pink gifts
26th: 5 players gobbling - 5 Player games, Blue stockings, Cyan gifts
25th: 4 players guzzling - 4 Player games, Yellow stockings, Yellow gifts
24th: 3 players drooling - 3 Player games, Cyan stockings, Blue gifts
23rd: 2 players tickling - 1v1, Pink stockings, Green gifts
22nd: A polymorph on a Christmas Map - Poly games, Orange stockings, Red gifts

Start each type of game on the right day on the Christmas map and have a chance at a Stocking. Win games you start on the right day to have a chance at a Gift. Chances of all item drops increase with number of players. Speed and assassin games have a lower chance of winning.

Stuff your Stockings with Gifts to score points: To score a point for a Gift you must have a corresponding color of Stocking to stuff it in. Each Stocking only fits 5 Gifts, so for each 5 Gifts you will need to have another Stocking of that color for them to count.

Ties will be broken by the total count of gifts, then stockings, then the timing of your first stocking - the sooner the merrier.

Games must be completed by Jan 31 to count!

Merry Christmas and a jolly fine season of mirth to all!
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