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Official Event: October Challenge: The Panama Canal

October Challenge: The Panama Canal
SeriesMonthly Challenge
Starts2023-10-03 09:00 CCT
Closes2023-11-30 23:59 CCT
Challenge Goal: 1913
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110 years ago, on October 10th, 1913, the Gamboa Dike was blasted apart, flooding the Culebra Cut, the last dry area of the Panama Canal. Thus, the Atlantic and Pacific were connected and the Panama Canal was officially open In reality, much work still needed to be completed, and the Canal wasn't really useful for shipping until a year later. Still, the symbolic channel was open.

Last month's Challenge was a bit too difficult, so we'll keep it easy this time.

The maps for this month are High Seas (a map about the world's great navigable waters) and Central America (a map which includes the Panama Canal territory.)

High Seas will be played Escalating and Central America will be played No Spoils. Otherwise, the same -- 5-Player, Automatic, Standard, Adjacent, No Fog, No Trench.

Now, here's the catch: Your final score will be the average of your scores on the two maps. Therefore, you must be keep a good win percentage on both to do well on this scoreboard!!!
500 points per win

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500 points per win

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