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Official Event: June Challenge: Waterloo

June Challenge: Waterloo
SeriesMonthly Challenge
Starts2015-06-08 00:00 CCT
Closes2015-07-31 23:59 CCT
The 19th century was a fairly calm one, in terms of European wars. After Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo, there were no major European wars until the Crimean war. In 2015, we can still appreciate this point, as there have been no major wars in Europe since World War II. The most likely war looks to be an invasion of the Ukraine. It seems we have come full circle.

This was also an important period for the formation of the Benelux region, as sovereign and separate states, after centuries of Austrian and French rule.

Then there is the battle itself. Any military historian knows at least in passing the general idea of the battle. There are songs and images which have memorialized this battle. The artillery, cavalry, skirmishers, flanking, hiding behind ridges and in Hougoumont, there really was a tremendous battle.

Draw your forces, and get gold with clan-rules on Waterloo.
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