Conquer Club


Memento Mori
We look at CC as a sport. We have the off season, which is where we usually make our acquisitions for the next year. This is also the time for scimmages, public games, and a casual atmosphere. The calm before the storm. We preach, we train, we conquer. This is where it all begins. This is the time when many new talents enter the scene. Where mere students, can be come champions. Then we go into...
Average Score2,181.6
Score Range1,187-3,744
Clan War Record10/16 (62.5%)
Clan Game Record457/891 (51.3%)
drpall (Leader), Mr Changsha (Leader), TheMissionary (Leader), *MementoMori*, BigBallinStalin, Blitzkrieg Frank, Booleans, br4nd0n2002, general cod, giannikas, hlbart, kcsam87, Liveoak, Lockup, Lord Arioch, loutil, m0nkeyb0y, manwiththeplan, Matt2006, Mike Horton, miltiades, mountainpark, Nola_Lifer, potager1, Risk_Killer_1, ROCKS, SpazzAttack, Tennisie, william tennant

Clan Wars

Id Name Clans Dates Status Score Winners
675++The Legion++ vs Memento Mori - Jan 2014LEG VS MM2014-01-19 - 2014-04-15War Active/ Games InactiveLEG 32 VS MM 29 Details
1075CL5 - QG5 - MM vs AQOHMM VS AQOH - War CompleteMM 12 VS AQOH 4 Memento MoriDetails
1074CL5 - QG5 - MM vs MDMM VS MD - War CompleteMM 10 VS MD 6 Memento MoriDetails
1073CL5 - QG5 - MM vs TFFSMM VS TFFS - War CompleteMM 7 VS TFFS 9 The Fantastic Four-SkinsDetails
1069CL5 - QG5 - OTP vs MMOTP VS MM - War CompleteOTP 10 VS MM 6 OtpisaniDetails
1065CL5 - QG5 - IA vs MMIA VS MM - War CompleteIA 10 VS MM 6 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
917CL5 - Second League - SoH v MMSoH VS MM - 2013-12-16War Complete/ Games InactiveSoH 2 VS MM 6 Memento MoriDetails
911CL5 - Second League - MM v TLWMM VS TLW - 2013-11-22War Complete/ Games InactiveMM 3 VS TLW 5 The Last WarriorsDetails
905CL5 - Second League - OSA v MMOSA VS MM - 2013-11-10War Complete/ Games InactiveOSA 6 VS MM 2 One Step AheadDetails
899CL5 - Second League - MM v IDMM VS ID - 2013-11-19War Complete/ Games InactiveMM 3 VS ID 5 The Imperial DragoonsDetails
893CL5 - Second League - MB v MMMB VS MM - 2013-10-13War Complete/ Games InactiveMB 3 VS MM 5 Memento MoriDetails
887CL5 - Second League - MM v GRMM VS GR - 2013-10-22War Complete/ Games InactiveMM 5 VS GR 3 Memento MoriDetails
881CL5 - Second League - TFFS v MMTFFS VS MM - 2013-10-18War Complete/ Games InactiveTFFS 3 VS MM 5 Memento MoriDetails
875CL5 - Second League - MM v LHDDMM VS LHDD - 2013-10-07War Complete/ Games InactiveMM 2 VS LHDD 6 Les Hussards du DragonDetails
869CL5 - Second League - RA v MMRA VS MM - 2013-10-24War Complete/ Games InactiveRA 5 VS MM 3 Risk AttackersDetails
863CL5 - Second League - MM v LEGMM VS LEG - 2013-10-06War Complete/ Games InactiveMM 4 VS LEG 4 Memento Mori, ++The Legion++Details
857CL5 - Second League - AOK v MMAOK VS MM - 2013-09-26War Complete/ Games InactiveAOK 2 VS MM 6 Memento MoriDetails
851CL5 - Second League - MM v SoHMM VS SoH - 2013-12-16War Complete/ Games InactiveMM 7 VS SoH 1 Memento MoriDetails
845CL5 - Second League - TLW v MMTLW VS MM - 2013-11-22War Complete/ Games InactiveTLW 6 VS MM 2 The Last WarriorsDetails
839CL5 - Second League - MM v OSAMM VS OSA - 2013-11-10War Complete/ Games InactiveMM 5 VS OSA 3 Memento MoriDetails
833CL5 - Second League - ID v MMID VS MM - 2013-11-19War Complete/ Games InactiveID 4 VS MM 4 The Imperial Dragoons, Memento MoriDetails
827CL5 - Second League - MM v MBMM VS MB - 2013-10-13War Complete/ Games InactiveMM 8 VS MB 0 Memento MoriDetails
821CL5 - Second League - GR v MMGR VS MM - 2013-10-22War Complete/ Games InactiveGR 3 VS MM 5 Memento MoriDetails
815CL5 - Second League - MM v TFFSMM VS TFFS - 2013-10-18War Complete/ Games InactiveMM 3 VS TFFS 5 The Fantastic Four-SkinsDetails
809CL5 - Second League - LHDD v MMLHDD VS MM - 2013-10-07War Complete/ Games InactiveLHDD 5 VS MM 3 Les Hussards du DragonDetails
803CL5 - Second League - MM v RAMM VS RA - 2013-10-24War Complete/ Games InactiveMM 6 VS RA 2 Memento MoriDetails
797CL5 - Second League - LEG v MMLEG VS MM - 2013-10-06War Complete/ Games InactiveLEG 4 VS MM 4 ++The Legion++, Memento MoriDetails
791CL5 - Second League - MM v AOKMM VS AOK - 2013-09-26War Complete/ Games InactiveMM 6 VS AOK 2 Memento MoriDetails
640The Immortal Assassins vs Memento Mori - Sept 2013IA VS MM2013-09-12 - 2013-12-13War Complete/ Games InactiveIA 35 VS MM 26 The Immortal AssassinsDetails
607Memento Mori vs Warriors at Risk - Sep 2013MM VS WAR2013-07-21 - 2013-09-05War Complete/ Games InactiveMM 25 VS WAR 16 Memento MoriDetails
589The Pig Renters vs Memento Mori - Jul 2013PIG VS MM2013-05-22 - 2013-07-29War Complete/ Games InactivePIG 32 VS MM 29 The Pig RentersDetails
527Memento Mori vs Fraternal Order of Exceptional Drinkers - Mar 2013MM VS FOED 2012-09-30 - 2013-03-18War Complete/ Games InactiveMM 29 VS FOED 20 Memento MoriDetails
476Memento Mori vs Spelunkers of Hell - Nov 2012MM VS SoH 2012-09-29 - 2012-11-14War Complete/ Games InactiveMM 24 VS SoH 17 Memento MoriDetails
461Memento Mori vs Les Hussards du Dragon - Oct 2012MM VS LHDD 2012-06-27 - 2012-10-14War Complete/ Games InactiveMM 25 VS LHDD 16 Memento MoriDetails
394Memento Mori vs Devil's Brigade - May 2012MM VS DB 2012-04-01 - 2012-05-27War Complete/ Games InactiveMM 27 VS DB 21 Memento MoriDetails
371The Imperial Dragoons vs Memento Mori - Apr 2012ID VS MM2011-12-17 - 2012-04-09War Complete/ Games InactiveID 30 VS MM 20 The Imperial DragoonsDetails
343Memento Mori vs The New Crusade - Jan 2012MM VS TNC 2011-11-11 - 2012-01-14War Complete/ Games InactiveMM 33 VS TNC 26 Memento MoriDetails
305Memento Mori vs Wild Geese - Oct 2011MM VS Clan 1762011-06-23 - 2011-10-15War Complete/ Games InactiveMM 27 VS Clan 176 26 Memento MoriDetails
285The Last Warriors vs Memento Mori - Jul 2011TLW VS MM2011-05-02 - 2011-07-21War Complete/ Games InactiveTLW 35 VS MM 25 The Last WarriorsDetails
243The Brethren of the Fat Mermaid vs Memento Mori - May 2011Clan 164 VS MM2011-03-20 - 2011-05-14War Complete/ Games InactiveClan 164 29 VS MM 12 The Brethren of the Fat MermaidDetails
215Memento Mori vs Grim Reapers - Mar 2011MM VS GR 2010-11-14 - 2011-03-04War Complete/ Games InactiveMM 32 VS GR 28 Memento MoriDetails
198Black Sheep Squadron vs Memento Mori - Oct 2010Clan 126 VS MM2010-08-17 - 2010-10-28War Complete/ Games InactiveClan 126 31 VS MM 29 Black Sheep SquadronDetails
128Memento Mori vs Snipers - Apr 2010MM VS Clan 1612009-12-12 - 2010-03-28War Complete/ Games InactiveMM 32 VS Clan 161 13 Memento MoriDetails
127Memento Mori vs Project Firestorm - Apr 2010MM VS Clan 1572010-02-06 - 2010-04-22War Complete/ Games InactiveMM 33 VS Clan 157 27 Memento MoriDetails