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Infinati Tribe
Powered by Infinite Thought, The Infinati can view the entire universe as an cloud of possibility, simultaneously holding in our minds everything that is, and everything that isn't.
Average Score1,194.1
Score Range159-2,749
Tournament Record0/0
Tournament Score0
Details | Headquarters
Personnel: aakashah, AdityaGarg, Aktrpr, Ankaar, armac1, at0mtimmer, B3gg4r, babouille, BaleFirePHoenix, Ball2016, BCDLegend, blacky365, bmcclain, boat4hire, bobbyfischer2007, campbell555, cannaschtroumpf, canona85, CelticTiger747, Cfriday24, Chief Joseph, Commander Wu, conquer122, copecwby, Credit, Death_on_a_horse, Deboss57, DirtySanchezGT, drunkunicorn, DuniVunilk, el jejene, erathirea, esbiete, Falconhoof, Falkomagno, FiachMacHugh, forceweaver, fraxal, frozenlakee, funiboy, Fuzzy Squirrels, GamerXT, General Roy, Geoff_with_a_G, Ghengis_Khan_1, GildedNova, glen gravel, glyosse104, Goderian, Govenor, Grandmaster1 and more...


Basic Info Prizes Description 
Tribes Go Mad!
Type: Community
Entry: Selected Tribes, All comers
48/48 Players Joined
Tribe 1:
7/12 Rounds -
Round 1: Round Robin, 48 Move On, Games: 12 Players, Terminator, Escalating, Tribal War - Ancient Israel More +11 Rounds with different rules
Classic Tribal War
Type: Auto
Entry: Selected Tribes, All comers
5/16 Players Joined
Tribe 1:
0/4 Rounds - Primitive Tribes Only!
Round Robin, 16 Move On, Games: 2 Players, Standard, Escalating, Classic More