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Conquer Club



Mistery&Co Tribe
A tribe in CC Club form by unknown friends with big hungry for wins.
Average Score1,951.9
Score Range172-3,371
Tournament Record0/0
Tournament Score0
Details | Headquarters
Personnel: misteryforall (Leader), * BORG *, Aaron234, akabob2, banecare1, bobbythomson, Caymanmew, council, DBandit70, Elaterate, Enormastitz, FrenchPupil, GeneralTaken, granicar, hajduk1911, Heads or tails, Kaiser Szami, Lord Prepredenko, mangulica, mnmmnm9, morleyjoe, nemapredaje, Newcastle777, Not the Messiah, notoejim, Phil Gates, queen victorious, Tin Trumpet, Vinpod, wrathofkahn


Basic Info Prizes Description 
Tribes Go Mad!
Type: Community
Entry: Selected Tribes, All comers
48/48 Players Joined
Tribe 1:
7/12 Rounds -
Round 1: Round Robin, 48 Move On, Games: 12 Players, Terminator, Escalating, Tribal War - Ancient Israel More +11 Rounds with different rules