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Conquer Club



The Grape Apes of Wrath Tribe
A group of players from around the world who enjoy beating the crap out of each other on CC. This group of players has decided it may be more fun to join forces and beat the crap out of other players on CC. If other payers beat the crap out of us, you will still lose. Because "YOU CAN NEVER HURT OUR FEELINGS" So....ready to monkey around?
Average Score1,503.9
Score Range858-2,540
Tournament Record0/0
Tournament Score0
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Personnel: errin7 (Leader), cheese_factory, Filthy Phil, gendotte, honest gabe, maddogmenno, pancakejim, riverj, stompie, Suppurator, TDJ-D


Basic Info Prizes Description 
Tribes Go Mad!
Type: Community
Entry: Selected Tribes, All comers
48/48 Players Joined
Tribe 1:
8/12 Rounds -
Round 1: Round Robin, 48 Move On, Games: 12 Players, Terminator, Escalating, Tribal War - Ancient Israel More +11 Rounds with different rules