Conquer Club



We Talk French Tribe
Average Score2,589.5
Score Range1,500-4,331
Tribe War Record21/36 (58.3%)
Tournament Record0/0
Tournament Score0
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Personnel: Donelladan (Leader), Unai (Leader), *JiV*, AlexV, altoque, ancessus, donche64, fred299229, hopalong, knife17, l asticot, Lancelot du Lac, Mad777, mookiemcgee, Nick76, Paengars, samdemars, StefanH, yvesyves, ZaBeast, _Untouchable


Tribe Plaque Silver 2023-05-19 [TCIII] Round 4 - FBRD vs WTF: Tribal Cup III Runner-up
Tribe Plaque Bronze 2023-03-25 2022 (Dec) IRON vs WTF
Tribe Plaque Silver 2023-02-04 MVP Tribes Opus: 2nd Place of Tribal Assassination
Tribe Plaque Bronze 2022-11-15 2022 (Oct) WTF vs H!
Tribe Plaque Bronze 2022-10-26 MVP Tribes Opus: 3rd Place of Tribal League IV
Tribe Plaque Platinum 2022-08-21 The Conquer Club Winter Olympics 2022: Conquer Club Olympics: 1st Place - 2022 Olympics
Tribe Plaque Gold 2022-08-17 MVP Tribes Opus: Winner of Tribal Melee I
Tribe Plaque Silver 2022-03-20 Conquer Club Olympics: 3rd Place - 2021 Olympics
Tribe Plaque Gold 2021-08-13 Conquer Club Olympics: 2nd Place - 2020 Olympics


No Active Tournaments