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IRONic Tribe
Do you know how to iron a tie? Or how to keep that single crease in your pant legs? Neither do we. We're really just a little tribe of individuals trying not to burn our clothes. Apply now to join us in our ironic quest to win where there is no win to be found!
Average Score2,472.7
Score Range753-3,731
Tribe War Record22/40 (55.0%)
Tournament Record0/0
Tournament Score0
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Personnel: Devante (Leader), TrafalgarLaw01 (Leader), 4 U 2 NV, alansexy13, BabySasuke, Bada0Bing, Denise, detlef, Dusty21, i-andrei, iAmCaffeine, LFAW, luvlee_blonde, maburaad, Mass Miracle, Nephilim, Nut Shot Scott, overlander, pmchugh, ProStrategos, sailor488, TheTrueNorth


Tribe Plaque Bronze 2023-05-19 [TCIII] Round 3 - FBRD vs IRON: Tribal Cup III Semi-Finalist
Tribe Plaque Bronze 2023-02-04 MVP Tribes Opus: 3rd Place of Tribal Assassination
Tribe Plaque Bronze 2022-12-11 2022 (Sep) IRON vs AW
Tribe Plaque Bronze 2022-10-26 2022 (Aug) IRON vs M&S
Tribe Plaque Bronze 2022-08-17 2022 (Jun) IRON vs H!
Tribe Plaque Bronze 2022-03-20 Conquer Club Olympics: 4th Place - 2021 Olympics
Tribe Plaque Bronze 2021-08-08 [TCII] [SF] FBRD vs IRON: Semi-Finalist of the Tribal Cup II


No Active Tournaments