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Topics that are not maps. Discuss general map making concepts, techniques, contests, etc, here.

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How To Correctly Use This Sub-Forum

Postby AndyDufresne on Mon Dec 10, 2007 5:39 pm

Ahoy Ahoy Foundry Members!

The long awaited (was it really that long?) Foundry Discussion sub-forum is here! As the description states, this sub-forum is for: "Topics that are not maps. Discuss general map making concepts and techniques."

Over the next couple of hours and days Coleman and I will be moving over various 'Discussion' related topics to their new homes in this sub-forum.

What IS allowed in this sub-forum?
  • Feedback about the Foundry Process and the general workings of the Foundry
  • Questions related to map making
  • Tutorials
  • Other things Coleman and I decide

What is NOT allowed in this sub-forum?
  • Idle/meaningless conversation, this isn't an 'Off Topics' sub-forum
  • Feedback topics related to a specific map
  • Random gibberish, spam, and ballyhoo

So lets enjoy and get the Discussion started!

--Andy & Cartoes
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