[Beta] - Krazy Kingdoms - Proposed Changes (7/3/14)

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Re: [Beta] - Krazy Kingdoms - Proposed Changes (7/3/14)

Postby Fuchsia tude on Mon Jul 07, 2014 2:30 pm

Feature arrangements look pretty good. There are still uneven borders between the top- and bottom-most territories (damaged when you closed up the chasms, I believe); it would be nice to go over them again with a uniform-width black line with white drop shadow.

I think I'd say "Territories may bombard seas adjacent to them" in the key; now that [coastline] provides no bonus, the terms "Coastline" (instead of "adjacent to sea") won't appear in the XML anyway. (If they ever do come back, it might be good to print that in the key, though. Hmm.)

Also plains, mountains, tundra, and swamps have two favored territories on either side of one lake and one bordering another lake; desert and volcano have one between two lakes and two others bordering the other two; but forest and jungle only border two each. That could make for very different worth of the Aquatic feature, depending on what Kingdom you roll. Maybe J4 & D2, and F4 & V2, should be swapped?
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Re: [Beta] - Krazy Kingdoms - Proposed Changes (7/3/14)

Postby DearCyrus on Fri Jul 25, 2014 7:03 pm

on Game 14665737, I am holding 2 cosmic , but it is not letting me assault the other cosmic territories. Bug, or has there been a change not reflected in the key? I have been gone for a while and haven't kept up with the times... I see some cool things in the work for this map, but that shouldn't effect my current game. just thought you would want to know.

Congrats on Your Blue BTW, D13. I think You wear it well. ;)
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