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Re: No dice games [REJECTED]

Postby hansinafrica on Fri Jan 24, 2014 12:39 am

Sadly I'm busy finishing my last game of CC and will not to playing anymore. I love the game and have played Risk for years, on boards and on line, but the dice game takes the fun of strategy out of it all. It's like playing chess, but the game decides which piece you must play each turn. You can't plan, build, defend or attack effectively as you never know what you'll get. The only route to probable victory (but not assured) is to play conservatively and without flare. Very boring.
If you ever introduce a dice-less game, please let me know, but I'm tired of the randomness, it can only hold attention for so long, and that is now at an end.
To all you detractors, obviously you haven't played dice-less. Until you ditch the dice this will be no different to playing the one arm bandits as a strategy game it is not.
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