The Great War, updated 3.9.14

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Re: [Abandoned] The Great War, updated 3.9.14

Postby Oneyed on Tue Sep 02, 2014 6:58 pm

Dukasaur wrote:I love this map. I'm glad you're reviving it!

thanks Dukasaur :) .

here is updated version. after discusion withbigWham I leave stages. the map will use transformation for transform some players troops to neutral.
Red Army will start with 999 neutral. after round 10 reverts to 1 neutral. also all Dashed regions reverts from players troops to 1 neutral.
so if any player holds Russian Empire he will lost it because three regions of Russian Empire are dashed. he will be in troubles (as was Russian Empire), he can choose if he try to take dashed regions back or "start October revolution" by taking Red Army and gain bonus for Soviet Russia. and because Red Army is blocker (player can not attack Russian dashed regions, he can not reviving (thanks for word, Dukasaur :) ) Russian Empire.

I will be happy for help with wording. also in previous versions there are ships and battles between them instead Sea in current version. my question is what is better?

Click image to enlarge.

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