The Great War, update, graphic and gameplay advices needed

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Re: The Great War, update, graphic and gameplay advices need

Postby Dukasaur on Sun Mar 29, 2015 3:26 pm

Oneyed wrote:ian, Dukasaur,

I have no time now to work on map. I have no energy to work on map. I have no energy to work for CC. and if I will finish this map it will be only because you and some people who posted here they support.
CC made nothing to become better, more attractive. I can not see anything new in CC. I spoke with bigWham about this several times, but to be honest I do not know CCs plan to future.

maybe one time, when I find more time, more energy and any future in CC I will finish it. thanks to everybody for help and support. and special thanks to iancanton and Dukasaur, I like you guys and I wish you better mapmakers as me :)


CC is struggling to survive. Big wham is busy modernizing the UI and adding bells and whistles to make the site more attractive to new users. That's not going to change. That's where his focus needs to be in order for the site to pull through and live.

The foundry and tournaments and clans are for the old-line users. We are not BW's focus because there's not enough of us to make the site successful. Even if he made us all happy there's not enough of us to save the site. So, yeah, sometimes we feel a little ignored or undervalued. We have to make our own little bits of the community to be what we want it to be.

The Great War event is now six months old, almost seven. We have very few Great War themed maps. Europe 1914, Gallipoli, Ottoman, and Trench Warfare. Four maps, and I love them all, but we are only a few months in and already I feel like we've over-used those four. We desperately need more, and I really had high hopes for this one. The Great War observation is what I personally had high hopes for, to make CC relevant to serious wargamers, to people who actually care about history. I need this map as the centrepiece for the event.

Seven months in, the clock is ticking. By November 11th 2018, anything not done will be reduced to irrelevance.
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