The Great War, updated 16.9.14 update: any future?

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Re: The Great War, updated 16.9.14 update: any future?

Postby iancanton on Wed Oct 22, 2014 6:39 pm

Oneyed wrote:if we add Ireland (and Wales) to United kingdom then Egypt could be neutral. and it brings bonus for everybody who holds it because Alexandria (town) + Egypt (its region). please lets make any decision :)

sounds good.

Oneyed wrote:
iancanton wrote:however, it is still too quick and easy to move troops from london to malta to alexandria. i propose that we add a killer neutral sea region beside london, called one-way route to malta, just like the other sea regions, except that only london can attack it.

ok, but I would rather add this Sea near Malta. so London one way attacks that Sea region and Malta will be connected with this Sea region by route. ?


Oneyed wrote:
iancanton wrote:if we have only 2 non-neutral united kingdom regions and someone starts with both scotland and england, then this is a big advantage because london and edinburgh are relatively safe corner bonuses from which reinforcements can be sent to malta. having 3 united kingdom regions means that a player is likely to have to fight to gain london and edinburgh.

ok. just United Kingdom will have only 1 town (so only one bonus for "town and its region").

yes, that's correct. in fact, if egypt is neutral, then the british empire needs to be scotland, england, wales, ireland, london, edinburgh and malta.

Oneyed wrote:
iancanton wrote:in stage 2, we need to add a mediterranean task force fleet region beside london, plus either scotland or ireland, to slow down the completion of the powerful british empire corner bonus.

yes, similar as Sea regon in stage2. but I am not sure with Ireland or Scotland. do not forget that in stage2 player will holds only capital. and no bonus, just +1 autodeploy in capital. I do not think it will be so easy to take all United Kingdon in stage2. all the more if we add fleet near Malta, so London can not attacks Malta directly. and yes, Great Britain is in the corner, but it also means that player will has harder way to Europe.

it's true that the london player cannot expand easily. however, when one player goes to stage 2, most of the others are likely to follow immediately because they suddenly lose all of their stage 1 bonuses. the most likely surprise win by objective is for an entente player to take all 4 central capitals because it's difficult to attack both london and petrograd in the same turn.

Oneyed wrote:
iancanton wrote:remove minsk to reduce the russian empire total bonus, since the russian empire is a corner power.

then better to remove Moscow (in map1). Minsk is train station, while Moscow has no role in map1.

accepted. let minsk be part of russia, to bring russia closer to the action? if u do this, then rename the western part of west russia, which currently has a very strange shape, as baltic provinces.

make ukraine much smaller so that sevastopol visibly becomes part of russia (sevastopol was not part of ukraine)? this brings russia closer to the ottoman empire.

Oneyed wrote:
iancanton wrote:remove bohemia and merge it into austria, so that the austria-hungary player has a chance of defending his bonus.

I am not sure with this. it is not harder to secure Austro-Hungaria as secure Germany. and Bohamia is also there because Berlin and Vienna are not so close.

alternatively, put mountains between bohemia and germany, which increases the distance between berlin and vienna as well as letting austria-hungary defend more easily? remove krakow? remove the railway between budapest and belgrade? anything else to reduce the difficulty and size of this bonus? austria-hungary is probably the second-hardest bonus because of the number of regions, number of borders and central location. the central location means it will be unpopular in multi-player games, so it needs to be an average or easy bonus, not one of the most difficult. as thematic justification for an easier bonus, austria-hungary had a weak army and was not heavily-industrialised, in contrast to germany.

in escalating games, it's possible for one person to remain in stage 1 when everyone else has gone to stage 2, so that his opponents cannot kill him. he simply lets everyone else break enemy bonuses while the value of spoils continues to increase. finally, he breaks through to stage 2 and kills one player, which allows him to cash spoils and kill repeatedly to win the game in one turn. is it part of the design of the map to allow this strategy or do u want to stop this from happening?

ian. :)
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Re: The Great War, updated 16.9.14 update: any future?

Postby Lord Arioch on Thu Oct 23, 2014 4:54 am

Lovly work man! Finish it and then we hit up on Yggdrasil:)
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