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How to use [Tags] & Attachments

Postby thenobodies80 on Wed Aug 03, 2011 1:29 pm

How to use [Tags] & Attachments

Image BBCode Tags Image

BBCode is a special implementation of HTML, offering great formatting control on particular objects in a post. BBCode tags are enclosed in square brackets: [ and ].

- Insert an Image: [/img] and [/BigImg] Tags

    To post your map image you can use the [/img] tag or preferably the [/BigImg] tag. To do this, you have to copy/paste your map image URL between the two tags with the following format:
    Code: Select all
    Code: Select all

    For example,
    Code: Select all

    gives this result:

- Insert a Link: [/url] Tag

    The [/url] tag can be used to post any URL. For example, it could be useful to have your older versions of your map listed into the first post without using images.
    To use this tag you have to copy/paste your URL between the tags.
    Code: Select all

    There's an additional version of this tag. If you want to have some text to replace the link, you can do that in this way:
    Code: Select all

    Code: Select all

    Code: Select all
    [url=]Conquer Club[/url]
    Result: Conquer Club

- Insert a Spoiler: [/spoiler] Tag

    The spoiler tag can be used to hide from view a part of your post. For example, the mapmakers can use it to include a list of old version links into the first post, but have them hidden from view.

    Code: Select all

    Code: Select all
    [spoiler=example]This spoiler also has a [i]"example"[/i] label.
    To insert a label you need to add [b]=your_label[/b] to the opening tag, like in this example.
    Now click [u]hide[/u] to close this spoiler[/spoiler]
    show: example

Image Attachments Image

    A mapmaker can decide to attach the XML to the map topic instead of using a hosting site.
    The attachment tab is located at the bottom of the posting page, next to the post option tab.
    show: attachment tab

    To attach a file click on the browse button, select your file and open it. Finally click on Add the file .
    NOTE: At the moment attachments can only be used in the Final Forge.
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