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The return of JoshyBoy

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The return of JoshyBoy

Postby JoshyBoy on Tue Oct 27, 2009 4:27 am

Ok as some of you may not know, (or may not care), I have received a 3 month ban from organising tournaments for dropping a few and letting them fall by the wayside into the "Abandoned" section of this forum. The reasons behind why I struggled with my tournaments is personal so I won't bore you with any details.

What I wanted to tell the CC comunity is that my ban expires on the 15th of December so on that day be prepared for a tournament or two that will capture the imagination of all players on CC :shock: not really but I hope to have one or two good ones as well as the next round of the "A Quick KO" Series - A Quick KO: Round 5. Until then I'm looking to play some team games and get a few more of those shiny medals. :D So if anyone has any games send me an invite.

Cheers, JB ;)
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