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Community Guidelines

Postby TeeGee on Wed Nov 02, 2016 6:36 pm

Common sense prevails - if you are intentionally or continually making this community less enjoyable for others, you may be removed from it. It's that simple. This applies to any part of the site where interaction takes place; in Forums, Private Messages, Live Chat and Game Chat

Community Guidelines

1. Do NOT be intentionally destructive - If you do anything that harms or can be perceived to harm this site you may be removed from it.

2. Do NOT post personal information about others without their direct consent.

3. Do not push boundaries - If you are asked to stop by a member of the moderation team then STOP. Do not continue and do NOT persist.
If you feel they are wrong, approach their team leader. If you still disagree then ask an admin (by filing an e-ticket).

4. Do not incite, conduct or encourage the conduct of illegal activities.

5. Do not promote without permission any business or product outside of this website.

6. The internet has more than enough pornography without it being here. Let's keep it that way. This includes any links to pornography, pictures, etc. If you are unsure, then don't risk it.

7. Racism is not permitted on this site in ANY form. This includes ALL forms of racism (e.g. even if your country is at war with another or "reverse" racism).

Just because it offends you does not make it against the site rules or illegal. CC has a foe feature and we recommend you use it
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