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Mad Championship

Postby Mad777 on Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:39 pm

This thread purpose is only to announce the registration status and the results of every Challenge/Tournaments.
Do not register yourself here, use the appropriate link for the actual Challenge in progress for registration (You can find it below)

--> Tournament Achievement medal awarded to every Challenge Winner!!!!
--> General Achievement medal awarded to the Seed #1 player at the end of the 24 Challenges
(See Ranking & Results: link below)

-This tourney is a multiple tournaments drives you from Australia to Brazil (24 different maps).
-Premium or Freemium accepted as 1 game at time will be played.
-If there is a "No show" after 48 hours the game invitation was sent, the player is disqualify for this Challenge only and the opponent will be qualify for the next round.

Registration rules:
-Registration desk remain open for 2 weeks only.
-If the number of players are not enough, I will re-open it for another week.
-If the amount of players are different than what is needed for start the 1st round, I will introduce qualification round(s) (automated by

After all 24 Challenges be completed, General Achievement medal to be award and Championship may start over using the same points rules and settings.

At the beginning of every Challenge game a certain amount of seeded players will be exempt of qualification round, refer below on Ranking & Results link.(This number could varie regarding number of registrants, from one map to another)

Updated Ranking

1.Australia I (40 players): winner: _HiTMaN_.
2.Philippines I (44 players): winner: Mad777.
3.Indochina I (44 players): winner: mcshanester29.
4.Greater China I (42 players): winner: Moya.
5.Japan I (52 players): winner: Marshallbobby.
6.Soviet Union I (33 players): winner: Swifte.
7.Middle East I (48 players): winner: Swifte.
8.Cyprus I (38 players): winner: jricart.
9.Madagascar I (50 players): winner: general cod.
10.Portugal I (78 players): winner: irlLordy.
11.Italy I (91 players): winner: V.J.
12.San Marino I (88 players): winner: Tripitaka.
13.France I (57 players): winner: Sirmium Samurai.
14.Luxembourg I (54 players): winner: herus.
15.Germany I (45 players): winner: Tripitaka
16.Netherlands I (88 players): winner: WOLFZ71
17.British Isles I (83 players): winner: seamusk
18.Iceland I (98 players): winner: Egomadsen
19.Greenland I (96 players): winner: yastreb
20.Canada I (118 players): winner: trevor33
21.USA I (32 players): winner: PFC_ID
22.Mexico I (38 players): winner: Witt13
23.Haiti I (44 players): winner: ABN - PFDR
24.Brazil I (33 players): winner: :?:

Game settings:

Points rules:(Apply to every single Challenge)

Introduction game using Classic map:(Completed and Top Seed list were created before Australia I Challenge)

Australia I
Philippines I
Indochina I
Greater china I
Japan I
Soviet Union I
Middle East I
Cyprus I
Madagascar I
Portugal I
Italy I
San Marino I
France I
Luxembourg I
Germany I
Netherlands I
British Isles I
Icelands I
Greenland I
Canada I
Mexico I
Haiti I
Brazil I
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