Conquer Club

Game 105891

Round 5

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order
Flat Rate

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerSpoilsRegionsTroopsTroops Due
Team 1:
r:Metalica 4.7 3 46 82 28
g:tattooedude 4.8 3 14 21 4
Team 2:
b:river-reids 4.8 0 0 0 0
y:sadistic 3.0 0 0 0 0

Game Log

2006-11-11 06:47:20 - Game has been initialized
2006-11-14 15:04:36 - tattooedude eliminated river-reids from the game
2006-11-15 01:02:33 - Metalica eliminated sadistic from the game
2006-11-15 01:02:33 - Metalica, tattooedude won the game
2006-11-15 01:02:33 - river-reids lost 13 points
2006-11-15 01:02:33 - sadistic lost 13 points
2006-11-15 01:02:33 - Metalica gained 13 points
2006-11-15 01:02:33 - tattooedude gained 13 points

Game Chat

2006-11-13 00:23:34 - sadistic: wow that's an interesting exploit I haven't seen used before. I wonder if that's a bug.
2006-11-13 13:42:43 - tattooedude: no, you are a bug
2006-11-13 13:43:16 - sadistic: After searching the rules, instructions and faqs, it appears the rules to freestyle games are ambiguous on conquerclub.
2006-11-13 13:43:26 - sadistic: It does say "the player who triggers a new round is not allowed to take a second back-to-back turn and must wait for someone else to play."
2006-11-13 13:43:34 - sadistic: My teammate and I believe that by a team purposely missing a turn to give the ability to make 2 turns in a row (ending a round and beginning the next round) was not intended by design.
2006-11-13 13:43:40 - sadistic: We have decided to withdraw from this game to make apparent the time this bug occurred in the Game Log. Please see the timestamp from 2006-11-12 03:56:48 to 2006-11-12 16:41:46.
2006-11-13 13:43:47 - sadistic: As you are both aware, in an attempted to promote fair gameplay I've attempted to make other players aware of this bug that's been discovered in this forum post:
2006-11-13 13:44:40 - tattooedude: why bitch and cry sadistic? it is the same for everyone.
2006-11-13 13:46:21 - sadistic: Dlakavi has posted a solution to this problem on this thread:
2006-11-13 13:46:55 - tattooedude: i did not purposly miss a turn!. CHECK MY GAMES!!! that is the only turn i have ever missed.
2006-11-13 13:47:38 - tattooedude: 199 games
2006-11-13 13:48:01 - tattooedude: don't accuse me of cheating
2006-11-13 13:49:37 - sadistic: If the conquerclub programmers purposely designed freestyle games with this 'tactic' in mind it should be clarified in the play order section of the Instructions page:
2006-11-13 13:53:21 - sadistic: A revision of the instructions to make this tactic clear will promote fair gameplay for ALL conquerclub members, although we don't believe this tactic to be intentionally allowed by design.
2006-11-13 13:54:05 - sadistic: Congratulations on your victory tattoedude
2006-11-13 16:14:04 - tattooedude: yeah sure...thanks for going out of your way and into everyone of my games to accuse me of cheating
2006-11-13 16:24:06 - sadistic: There is not 1 instance I used the word cheat. I linked the to the forum thread to let others know about the exploit that exists in freestyle that you took advantage of. You should only be getting defensive about it if you consider it a cheat yourself...
2006-11-13 20:40:55 - sadistic: also I only passed on the information in freestyle games.
2006-11-13 21:00:32 - river-reids: you didnt miss a turn on purpose?? game log = 16:31:49- tattooedude missed a turn, 16:32:17 - tattooedude receives 3 armies for 6 territories.... not even 1 minute after...
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