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Game 11073933

Round 37

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerSpoilsRegionsTroopsTroops Due
r:gtpilgrim 4.6 0 0 0 0
g:L M S 4.8 4 44 251 39
b:dragondaddy 4.8 0 0 0 0
y:UlgarVonUlric 4.2 0 0 0 0

Game Log

2012-05-13 18:36:43 - Game has been initialized
2012-05-17 20:58:22 - L M S eliminated dragondaddy from the game
2012-05-20 18:42:51 - L M S eliminated UlgarVonUlric from the game
2012-05-22 16:04:57 - L M S eliminated gtpilgrim from the game
2012-05-22 16:04:57 - L M S won the game
2012-05-22 16:04:57 - gtpilgrim lost 9 points
2012-05-22 16:04:57 - dragondaddy lost 13 points
2012-05-22 16:04:57 - UlgarVonUlric lost 7 points
2012-05-22 16:04:57 - L M S gained 29 points

Game Chat

2012-05-15 20:07:01 - L M S: help me with yellow?
2012-05-15 20:08:04 - UlgarVonUlric: hey now thats not very fair
2012-05-15 20:08:15 - UlgarVonUlric: I got lucky is all
2012-05-15 23:13:18 - UlgarVonUlric: If anyone is interested I have a doubles matching awaiting players 11094483
2012-05-16 13:36:43 - dragondaddy: you must have a strong love for science yellow, just don't want me to have that back, lol
2012-05-16 20:44:59 - UlgarVonUlric: lol Well really it was only out of spite from when you took my one yellow area
2012-05-17 03:33:49 - dragondaddy: thats a lot of spite my man, lol
2012-05-17 18:32:05 - UlgarVonUlric: well once I was lucky enough on the dice to push and hold I decided it had to be mine lol
2012-05-17 20:12:28 - dragondaddy: well thats it for me, good game all
2012-05-18 12:57:05 - L M S: so we want yellow to that right?
2012-05-18 19:28:17 - UlgarVonUlric: dude you seriously are a sore loser ... you thought you had me so you just attacked red... now that I killed that huge army youre crying wow
2012-05-18 19:30:09 - UlgarVonUlric: There we go now you lost your other large army... enjoy spite my friend
2012-05-18 19:32:32 - L M S: lol, I had no spite or anything going on dude, just pointing out that red and I should stop fightint to get you under are a sore loser, welcome to my foe list.
2012-05-18 19:35:51 - L M S: I attacked no one oput of "spite" lol, it was all trying to keep my control then you both came after me all at have been the leader all game and no one but me has tried to challenge you yellow....makes for a pretty uneven game.
2012-05-18 19:36:58 - L M S: I hope your undue attention to me, attacking me out of some misguided persoanl responsibility to you y chromosome...bites you in the ass and red wins this game because of your own stupidity
2012-05-18 19:37:24 - L M S: so , good luck with that fuck head
2012-05-18 19:39:27 - UlgarVonUlric: from the begining you have asked everyone to help kill me off... I fought back against all three of you.... and here you are still crying ... its just risk grow a pair
2012-05-18 19:50:04 - UlgarVonUlric: good game red
2012-05-18 21:03:32 - L M S: lol, from the beginning, you mean once you took over the upper half of the board, hell yes I did.
2012-05-22 15:06:32 - L M S: gg guys
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