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Game 11267330

Round 27

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order
Flat Rate

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerSpoilsRegionsTroopsTroops Due
r:AlbroShlo 4.6 0 0 0 0
g:AndyDwyer 4.7 0 0 0 0
b:pinballnate 4.8 3 168 387 113
y:MikeDigornio 4.6 0 0 0 0
p:taggat 4.8 0 0 0 0

Game Log

2012-06-22 08:14:00 - Game has been initialized
2012-07-07 02:34:45 - AndyDwyer eliminated MikeDigornio from the game
2012-07-13 15:28:44 - AndyDwyer eliminated AlbroShlo from the game
2012-07-14 16:21:52 - pinballnate eliminated taggat from the game
2012-07-16 05:46:06 - pinballnate eliminated AndyDwyer from the game
2012-07-16 05:46:06 - pinballnate won the game
2012-07-16 05:46:06 - AlbroShlo lost 22 points
2012-07-16 05:46:06 - AndyDwyer lost 18 points
2012-07-16 05:46:06 - MikeDigornio lost 22 points
2012-07-16 05:46:06 - taggat lost 11 points
2012-07-16 05:46:06 - pinballnate gained 73 points

Game Chat

2012-07-10 01:54:31 - AlbroShlo: we all need to hit green or it's game over...
2012-07-10 01:55:10 - AlbroShlo: apparently blue likes to just give his points away
2012-07-10 17:01:02 - pinballnate: wtf you talking about? You say we all got to hit green - but you hit me three turns in a row. Pink is on a suicide mission on me and I have a truce with green. Maybe if you stopped hitting me, i could get pink off my back and have some troops availabe
2012-07-10 17:01:09 - pinballnate: once my truce is over.
2012-07-11 15:00:57 - AlbroShlo: when there is an alliance you go after the weakest of the pair, seems pretty obvious to me
2012-07-11 15:01:43 - AlbroShlo: are you really complaining that two people are hitti ng you at the same time when you have had an ally since the beginning of the game?
2012-07-11 15:01:50 - AlbroShlo: that is truly funny
2012-07-11 15:02:18 - AlbroShlo: once your truce is over green will have won, how can you not see that?
2012-07-11 15:59:41 - AndyDwyer: I understand your position red. I am in many other games where I am a severe underdog and other players with preace treaties have huge army counts
2012-07-11 16:05:22 - AndyDwyer: you have the option to team up with any team on the board that will team up with you, that is part of the game, it makes it fun for those who are vulnerable to attack
2012-07-11 16:06:22 - AndyDwyer: that is why I asked blue for a peace treaty to begin with because early on we were burning all our troops attacking each other
2012-07-11 16:08:02 - AndyDwyer: But I never go back on my word as long as I keep my games straight and dont forget who I ally with, Even if I loose a game there is always another to play.
2012-07-11 16:08:44 - AndyDwyer: But if you can't keep your word or treaties in a game that will follow you to the next game over and over again
2012-07-11 22:37:20 - AlbroShlo: "burning all our troops attacking each other"????? really?? blue attacked you once lol the first non neutral attack of the game actually so I will have to call bull shit on your explanation
2012-07-11 22:37:55 - AlbroShlo: no pressure though I'll have no problem regaining the points and I will just place you both on my Foe list
2012-07-12 16:57:27 - pinballnate: fuck off - I didn't do anything wrong. You are a complaining little bitch because the game didn't go your way. I entered into a truce and thats the way it is - I'm not going to back out of it so I don't make your foe list.
2012-07-12 16:58:23 - pinballnate: I would rather be on your foe list than have to listen to you whine and cry about a fucking meaningless game that is supposed to be fun.
2012-07-12 19:53:16 - AlbroShlo: lol
2012-07-14 16:19:58 - pinballnate: thats it green - there is nobody left but me an you
2012-07-14 20:06:35 - AndyDwyer: we agreed that round 24 was the attack round. That's pretty sneaky blue
2012-07-14 20:08:28 - AndyDwyer: You know I just used 200+ troops to take on pink. I did that early because I wanted a couple rounds to build my arsenal back up before round 24 which was are agreed upon attack round
2012-07-14 20:13:26 - AndyDwyer: As a matter of fact I left pink with one region for this very reason, to ensure that you would not attack me. You attacked me in order to get to pink. I set it up that way so you would have to break your word/truce if you wanted to take pink out
2012-07-14 20:14:30 - AndyDwyer: Do you really think I would leave my troops the way I did if I thought you were going to go back on your word?
2012-07-14 20:17:10 - AndyDwyer: you may win this game now but you do it like a coward, I'm sure down the road someone will backstab you, karma you know
2012-07-14 20:18:44 - AndyDwyer: if I thought you were going to break the truce, I would have left pink n th game and stockpiled like you did. But I trusted you, a mistake I will not do again
2012-07-14 22:54:07 - pinballnate: Did you really think i was going to just give you the game? You were getting 20+ more troops per turn, had 50 more troops, and would have gotten to go first. As far as I'm concerned when comes down to just two players all truces are over.
2012-07-15 03:41:23 - AndyDwyer: first of all you broke your truce in order to get it down to two players
2012-07-15 03:43:05 - AndyDwyer: second I would have had more troops than you but I would have let you make the first attack if you wanted to. I am interested in spending two weeks playing a game where I am going to get backstabbed
2012-07-15 03:45:08 - AndyDwyer: this is a stategy game, I based my strategy on troop building many rounds ago. You did the same thing, you used the truce as well as I did to isolate certain territories and cut off certain routes
2012-07-15 03:46:46 - AndyDwyer: I admit had the advantage but that advantage was from previous rounds of strategy and attacking other players, you had the option to do that in earlier rounds as well, you did for that matter
2012-07-15 03:47:54 - AndyDwyer: my troop counts would not have been so much more than yours that well placed defense and attacks could not have overcome either
2012-07-15 03:51:18 - AndyDwyer: I left one man on my castles and many other regions because I was using them to take on pink. If I knew you were breaking the truce I would not have ended my turn as I did. I left everything open
2012-07-15 03:52:44 - AndyDwyer: the game has unlimited reinforcements, I was using tha as part of my strategy, but in order for it to work I needed to be able to have complete faith in our agreement
2012-07-15 03:55:48 - AndyDwyer: just face it, for what ever reason you got over anxious and pounced on me when I was at my most vulnerable state. Normally that's fine, that's the game, but when you change the rules of the game and make peace
2012-07-15 03:57:41 - AndyDwyer: then decide to break your rules when it is going to benifit you.It cheapens the game and definitely cheapens the victory. Yeah, you can win but why bother playing if you can't figure out a way to win fair and square
2012-07-15 03:58:05 - pinballnate: all is fair in love and war :)
2012-07-15 03:59:22 - AndyDwyer: if you want to win that way than go play with a bunch of three year olds. I am not interested in those kind of games i am interested in chess match style game where I can best my opponent fair and square
2012-07-15 03:59:31 - AndyDwyer: that brings the most satisfaction
2012-07-15 04:02:12 - AndyDwyer: It's something that will haunt you, but hopefully in the future your games will be ruled by wit and strategy,not an easy win by worm tongue
2012-07-15 04:05:13 - pinballnate: you are really making me feel bad. It's just a game guy. Do you want me to let you win?
2012-07-15 04:06:27 - pinballnate: 5 turns into our truce it was clear that the game was over if you went first after everyone else was dead. What kind of game is that if I just keep playing knowing that I am giving you the game?
2012-07-15 04:07:32 - pinballnate: who offers a truce for 20 rounds anyway? I offered truce with one turn notice - that is the fair way to go, then whoever wants to break the truce has to go second.
2012-07-15 04:09:09 - pinballnate: You knew that you would have a huge advantage by making the truce end at the start of a turn.
2012-07-15 04:29:00 - pinballnate: carry on - I'm going to just give you the game so you can feel better about life.
2012-07-15 15:35:11 - AndyDwyer: ok , I am not going to say anything else besides this. The game of risk is more than a game it is look into your self awareness,your motives, your being, that is why it has stood the test of time so long
2012-07-15 15:35:54 - AndyDwyer: you dont have to believe me, it may be just a game to you right now but if you look close you can find out who you really are by playing it.
2012-07-15 15:36:25 - AndyDwyer: that being said please go ahead and finish this game, we will meet on another battlefield at another time
2012-07-15 17:51:43 - pinballnate: thats pretty deep. I think it is fun and thats why it has stood the test of time.
2012-07-16 04:40:57 - AlbroShlo: LMAO no honor among greaseballs I guess
2012-07-16 05:43:30 - pinballnate: what ever, its a game and I won.
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