Conquer Club
Tournament: 2012 [Aug][1v1] RotS vs KoRT

Game 11564727

Round 6

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerSpoilsRegionsTroopsTroops Due
r:Drakkon 4.9 0 0 0 0
g:SirSebstar 4.8 5 24 43 15

Game Log

2012-08-23 22:33:03 - Game has been initialized
2012-08-27 14:31:27 - SirSebstar eliminated Drakkon from the game
2012-08-27 14:31:27 - SirSebstar won the game
2012-08-27 14:31:27 - Drakkon lost 14 points
2012-08-27 14:31:27 - SirSebstar gained 14 points

Game Chat

2012-08-26 08:59:53 - SirSebstar: wow, did my dice eat steroids or something?
2012-08-26 08:59:59 - SirSebstar: sorry mate
2012-08-26 14:55:33 - SirSebstar: lol your dice ate my steriods (and my troops)
2012-08-26 14:57:08 - SirSebstar: 4 spoils no set, but this will be gg too.
2012-08-27 13:51:35 - Drakkon: Yeah, I am having no luck in these games... I think you might sweep me.
2012-08-27 14:31:36 - SirSebstar: i hope not.
2012-08-27 14:32:02 - SirSebstar: in the other game i could have won 5-0 too, but the opponant found magic dice for the last 3 rounds. i am counting on you to do the same
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