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Game 11790502

Round 80

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order
Flat Rate

Special Gameplay
Fog Trench
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerSpoilsRegionsTroopsTroops Due
r:20ozjolt 4.6 0 0 0 0
g:egatlas 4.8 0 0 0 0
b:OnYourShore 4.8 0 0 0 0
y:TheDavor 4.7 5 68 475 51

Game Log

2012-10-13 15:23:54 - Game has been initialized
2012-10-19 22:19:29 - TheDavor eliminated egatlas from the game
2012-11-29 08:23:58 - TheDavor eliminated 20ozjolt from the game
2012-12-02 17:29:58 - TheDavor eliminated OnYourShore from the game
2012-12-02 17:29:58 - TheDavor won the game
2012-12-02 17:29:58 - 20ozjolt lost 19 points
2012-12-02 17:29:58 - egatlas lost 11 points
2012-12-02 17:29:58 - OnYourShore lost 15 points
2012-12-02 17:29:58 - TheDavor gained 45 points

Game Chat

2012-11-07 19:11:30 - TheDavor: you know that i have made a huge fight against him, and you try to beat me in same turn ... i have not attack your territory...
2012-11-13 02:00:25 - TheDavor: GG red, you have well play for blue !
2012-11-15 00:12:22 - 20ozjolt: do you read the logs? i have hit blue at least 35 times and many turns i have only hit him.... now i have hit you more but you have had more territories to hit...
2012-11-15 00:41:30 - TheDavor: i know you are friends, willl report this game...
2012-11-15 06:49:16 - 20ozjolt: umm.... ok
2012-11-15 07:02:51 - 20ozjolt: yes we play a lot of games together
2012-11-15 07:03:30 - 20ozjolt: are we friends, no i dont even know his first name. i think people have to know a little about eachother to be friends
2012-11-15 07:04:30 - 20ozjolt: but we play a lot because we like game where there is no drama and where the chat is a place for open discussion of the game and fun
2012-11-15 07:04:41 - 20ozjolt: this is a game and it is ment to be fun
2012-11-15 07:06:00 - 20ozjolt: they (the folks who run our little haven from reality here) are welcom to look in to me, i dont make secret diplos, and the log shows we fight hell we like to ill echother
2012-11-15 07:06:05 - 20ozjolt: kill*
2012-11-15 07:07:18 - 20ozjolt: you dont like me fin thats what foe is for. but you aare welcome to join more of my games and see that we dont play the way you seem to think we do
2012-11-15 08:57:44 - TheDavor: so explain me, were is your interest to attack me in north when blue is so big?
2012-11-15 08:58:02 - TheDavor: Why blue don't have eleminate you when you are neightbour and a possibly probleme in south
2012-11-15 08:58:43 - TheDavor: no, there is coalition, and attacks between you are not really attack
2012-11-15 09:02:26 - 20ozjolt: intel if i cant see your stacks i dont know how big you are...
2012-11-15 09:02:53 - 20ozjolt: and blue killed me in mexico
2012-11-15 09:03:06 - 20ozjolt: he killed me in mapu
2012-11-15 09:03:39 - 20ozjolt: that was way earlier right now he is pushing another stack into me
2012-11-15 09:06:53 - 20ozjolt: 2012-11-15 04:02:53 - 20ozjolt: and blue killed me in mexico 2012-11-15 04:03:06 - 20ozjolt: he killed me in mapu that might be another game .... i often take turn not looking at what game im in
2012-11-15 09:07:46 - 20ozjolt: wait fount that yes that was this game
2012-11-15 09:09:06 - 20ozjolt: you need to read the logs man wait tell fog lifts then you can read the full logs and not just yours
2012-11-15 09:09:22 - 20ozjolt: its hard to decipher them from just yours
2012-11-15 09:10:27 - 20ozjolt: got bonus of 4 troops added to Portugal 2012-11-05 23:39:46 - 20ozjolt got bonus of 3 troops added to Portuguese Landing Point 2012-11-05 23:39:46 - 20ozjolt got bonus of 4 troops added to Aztec Homeland 2012-11-05 23:39:46 - 20ozjolt got bonus of 4 troop
2012-11-15 09:10:47 - 20ozjolt: s added to Mapuche Homeland
2012-11-15 09:11:09 - 20ozjolt: as to now 2012-11-14 19:05:30 - 20ozjolt got bonus of 4 troops added to Portugal 2012-11-14 19:05:30 - 20ozjolt got bonus of 3 troops added to Portuguese Landing Point
2012-11-15 09:11:52 - 20ozjolt: now i know blue took those from me.... so if we are allies why would he kill my home lands
2012-11-15 09:12:03 - 20ozjolt: ?
2012-11-15 09:13:55 - 20ozjolt: if you want you are welcome to play more games with me and see how we play. but as OYS said "this is a no-whine zone"
2012-11-15 09:15:18 - 20ozjolt: we insult talk shit and jokingly complain mostly about dice... if you can hack that your welcome, if not ehh
2012-11-15 14:48:55 - OnYourShore: 20oz...... you don't have to explain anything to yellow. He's just a poor sport and likes to complain when he doesn't get his own way.
2012-11-15 14:50:05 - OnYourShore: Some people are just that way. Like you said, I don't know you. And I intend to beat the pants off you this game. I'm usually the one loosing to you, lol
2012-11-15 14:51:07 - OnYourShore: And yellow, you are my biggest threat, even now, so I will continue to combat you first. That's just logical
2012-11-15 15:18:30 - TheDavor: no it's logical to take easy territorri first, and blok me ... why red still alive? ?? because he help you to kill me ... this is the only reason
2012-11-15 15:20:32 - TheDavor: in normal game, blue killed red, and easly win this game beceause he become biggest than me, here, you don't want to kill your friend, and prefere to play in teamplay against me...
2012-11-15 15:24:20 - TheDavor: in "normal" game, red is a real danger for blue, because he is near you, and try to catch territory from you, but not here...
2012-11-15 20:15:15 - 20ozjolt: wow how are you a sergeant?
2012-11-15 20:16:34 - 20ozjolt: if a play cant match you on production and another is matched or above you, may decide to only use enough men to kill him so the rest of your forces can be used on the main threat
2012-11-15 20:17:08 - 20ozjolt: OYS i guess that 70 stack is taking it easy on me ;)
2012-11-15 20:17:40 - 20ozjolt: 64 67 76 what ever it was
2012-11-15 20:18:56 - 20ozjolt: as yellow clearly want to be "that guy" i might as well say this on....hey i have the best joke ever
2012-11-15 20:18:59 - 20ozjolt: ...
2012-11-15 20:20:06 - 20ozjolt: The Maginot Line
2012-11-15 23:22:55 - OnYourShore: ok guys. I'm just going to continue focusing on the game.
2012-11-15 23:55:47 - 20ozjolt: good call... i realy dont like being called a cheat or sneek and let that get the best of me
2012-11-23 21:57:26 - TheDavor: mmmm, not realy surprised by this
2012-11-26 18:24:00 - TheDavor: nice try blue ! but not this time !
2012-11-28 08:42:14 - TheDavor: where is your " The Maginot Line" now ? was really not hard to pass you heavy defences...
2012-11-29 04:23:21 - OnYourShore: you are doing well, my 'enemy'
2012-12-02 01:55:20 - OnYourShore: thanks for the game everyone
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