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Tournament: 2012 [Oct] Lotz vs AQoH - RD 2 LOTZ Home

Game 11908968

Round 8

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order
No Spoils

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerRegionsTroopsTroops Due
Team 1:
r:Robert E Lee772 4.8 0 0 0
g:dyrtydog 4.6 0 0 0
Team 2:
b:Viceroy63 4.8 18 34 16
y:kuma32478 4.8 6 6 4

Game Log

2012-11-08 13:41:10 - Game has been initialized
2012-11-12 01:41:00 - Viceroy63 eliminated dyrtydog from the game
2012-11-12 12:06:53 - Viceroy63 eliminated Robert E Lee772 from the game
2012-11-12 12:06:53 - Viceroy63, kuma32478 won the game
2012-11-12 12:06:53 - Robert E Lee772 lost 23 points
2012-11-12 12:06:53 - dyrtydog lost 23 points
2012-11-12 12:06:53 - Viceroy63 gained 23 points
2012-11-12 12:06:53 - kuma32478 gained 23 points

Game Chat

2012-11-08 15:11:17 - kuma32478: why didn't we observe the Fog rule?
2012-11-08 15:11:28 - kuma32478: where did you attack from and to?
2012-11-08 22:48:08 - Robert E Lee772: I did not know what the 24 hr fog rule was I am New .
2012-11-08 22:50:26 - Robert E Lee772: Red deployed 3 in yaluosa assalted yellow in Rizokarpsas. and coquered it
2012-11-08 23:01:55 - Viceroy63: At least that was honorable, sir. I don't know who exactly came up with that Fog rule but it seems to me that if both sides agreed to it then it should be passed along as instructions to all the members in this war on both sides.
2012-11-09 00:04:40 - ScaryTeded: kuma you know for a fact as you started with the LOTZ We have neaver used the FOG rule in wars !!!!
2012-11-09 00:08:09 - ScaryTeded: Viceroy63 the was made by all the Clan Leaders in the CLA (Clan Leaders Association)
2012-11-09 00:11:51 - ScaryTeded: As you are not in that yet ,and in my War post Quote: (A 12 hour foggy rule is encouraged during this series)
2012-11-09 00:13:38 - ScaryTeded: I did that for your benifit as I did not wish for forfited games on your part
2012-11-09 00:15:30 - ScaryTeded: and I have new players and did not wish for the same as this !!!
2012-11-09 00:17:25 - ScaryTeded: And kuma you putting this here is BS we allready covered this issue !!!
2012-11-09 00:26:57 - kuma32478: all I ask is that if we have terms, both clans do their best to follow them. I would have been fine without the fog rule, but it was in your proposal so we accepted
2012-11-09 01:21:16 - ScaryTeded: Terms : (A 12 hour foggy rule is encouraged during this series)
2012-11-09 01:22:05 - ScaryTeded: encouraged is not manatory !!!
2012-11-09 02:16:09 - Viceroy63: So then why even bring it to the table in the first place. It seems to me that this issue could have been clarified from the very beginning and not even brought up if it were not going to be used in the first place???
2012-11-09 02:19:46 - Viceroy63: That's just taking advantage of an honorable system. To say that a rule is encouraged and then secretly know that you are not going to use it or even encourage those in your own clan to use it or much less even know about it is not a very honorable act!
2012-11-09 02:21:45 - Viceroy63: No one should have an excuse for not knowing or being encouraged to act honorably and then leaving the dishonor with the individual player.
2012-11-09 02:24:28 - Viceroy63: If the individual player then chooses to play without honor. Or encouragement. Kuma encouraged his clan to play with that rule. Just as mentioned in that resolution. Did You, Sir?
2012-11-09 03:11:56 - dyrtydog: Viceroy: first of all good luck in the game
2012-11-09 03:13:37 - dyrtydog: secondly. it appears you are missing the point, while I accept yours. Your point (err Kuma's) is that someone violated a rule that is not even enforced, but a courtesy. Our player did not know the courtesy.
2012-11-09 03:15:56 - dyrtydog: While it is a courtesy, it is NOT A RULE. Should your clan be in the CLA, as ours is, then perhaps you would have an issue. I will make it a point to educate our clan members on this issue. I expect to not to see another thing addressed to us in this
2012-11-09 03:16:13 - dyrtydog: particular "clan war"
2012-11-09 03:24:10 - dyrtydog: CLA suggests as honor to allow players a 12-hour period to take a screensot, yet it isn't even enforced there. IT IS STRICTLY a nice gesture, period. This is non-issue....either we do or we don't. it doesn't matter
2012-11-09 03:50:02 - dyrtydog: i applaud our new player for being courteous, as he didn;'t have to: Its like sneezing--one doesn't need to say "Bless you"
2012-11-09 04:35:03 - dyrtydog: lets proceed from here to say good luck and end this issue
2012-11-09 04:39:12 - Viceroy63: Again I state that if it does not matter, then why did Scary Teded bring it to the table? It should have clearly been dealt with back then and not even brought to the rules negotiations in the first place. Otherwise it does matter. Don't you think so?
2012-11-09 12:46:55 - kuma32478: Lets just play the game
2012-11-09 12:59:01 - kuma32478: It has been a misunderstanding
2012-11-09 13:57:35 - kuma32478: I think what appears to be the issue is that the part of the terms that encourages the 12 hour rule was put in there because it was suggested by the clan league association. I would have been fine without it, and it appears from conversations with Ted
2012-11-09 13:57:48 - kuma32478: that maybe LOTZ would have been as well.
2012-11-09 13:57:56 - kuma32478: oh well, now we know
2012-11-09 23:11:46 - ScaryTeded: This is a non issue as you will find out as a new Clan after you meet CLA requirement`s
2012-11-09 23:13:49 - ScaryTeded: and you can thank the LOTZ for helping your Clan Achieve that Goal
2012-11-09 23:16:15 - ScaryTeded: With that being said kuma and I have PM`s over this Issue and as he said
2012-11-09 23:16:31 - ScaryTeded: 2012-11-09 07:59:01 - kuma32478: It has been a misunderstanding
2012-11-09 23:18:59 - ScaryTeded: It`s over that simple !!! Any other issues will be directed to the Clan Member
2012-11-09 23:21:19 - ScaryTeded: running the War for the LOTZ they contact me for your Clan contact kuma32478:
2012-11-09 23:23:26 - ScaryTeded: There will be no more shit in games (now have fun)
2012-11-12 01:51:06 - Viceroy63: Good game dyrtydog. Now lets break out the flea and tick shampoo and get you cleaned up. LOL. =)
2012-11-12 02:17:10 - dyrtydog: gg team 2
2012-11-12 10:33:46 - Robert E Lee772: gg all
2012-11-12 12:06:15 - Viceroy63: Yes, Good game!
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