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Game 11955507

Round 40

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order
No Spoils

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerRegionsTroopsTroops Due
Team 1:
r:matt407 4.8 0 0 0
g:drewski_19 4.8 5 41 0
Team 2:
b:BarkingAjax 4.9 90 342 55
y:John Tymonko 4.9 20 135 7
Team 3:
p:Oneyed 4.8 0 0 0
c:Rockit 4.7 0 0 0

Game Log

2012-11-23 23:54:47 - Game has been initialized
2012-12-29 00:02:06 - BarkingAjax eliminated Oneyed from the game
2012-12-30 13:50:00 - BarkingAjax eliminated matt407 from the game
2012-12-30 20:08:24 - BarkingAjax eliminated Rockit from the game
2012-12-31 02:57:23 - BarkingAjax held the Western Emperor Win objective
2012-12-31 02:57:23 - BarkingAjax, John Tymonko won the game
2012-12-31 02:57:23 - matt407 lost 17 points
2012-12-31 02:57:23 - drewski_19 lost 17 points
2012-12-31 02:57:23 - Oneyed lost 18 points
2012-12-31 02:57:23 - Rockit lost 18 points
2012-12-31 02:57:23 - BarkingAjax gained 35 points
2012-12-31 02:57:23 - John Tymonko gained 35 points

Game Chat

2012-12-01 19:47:25 - BarkingAjax: the 2 more turns part I agree with, but we're far from done here. You collectively get more troops every turn than we do
2012-12-01 19:51:09 - BarkingAjax: and no one asked you to be sorry for us, calm down man. It's a good game.
2012-12-02 17:25:11 - Rockit: Team #2 is deploying 23 troops and we are the only team that is fighting them, come on team #1 step up to the plate and battle.
2012-12-02 17:26:03 - Rockit: what up with that move red? are you playing for second place? I just dont get that.
2012-12-02 17:28:00 - Rockit: if you guys are not willing to attack team #2 then there is no need to play this game anymore
2012-12-02 20:14:12 - Rockit: Red eiter use that big stack or I will run through you I dont understand why you are not willing to try and win the game.
2012-12-02 20:17:42 - Rockit: it is over unless team 1 fights
2012-12-02 22:53:07 - matt407: i cant do anything iwith 3 troops per turn.. i needed that seat for 4 troops!!.. it still gets me nothing so dont get upset.. since i have given up territories to you..
2012-12-02 22:54:49 - matt407: and i just hit you by mistake .. lol... that was not intentional.. crap.. the only way i can get to them is through you.. how do you want me to do that??
2012-12-03 05:48:56 - Rockit: Matt you have played over 700 games come on man that is BS
2012-12-03 05:52:23 - Rockit: Matt you could have gone east PLEASE go east
2012-12-03 06:23:05 - Oneyed: the game is over, becasue you red. for what the fuck you take my barbarian tribe?
2012-12-04 13:16:53 - drewski_19: I just broke up several of blue bonus so shut up and leave matt alone
2012-12-04 19:56:36 - Oneyed: easy green. we had agreement and your partner broke it....
2012-12-05 14:44:59 - matt407: Dude it was a mistake and I couldn't reinforce out of the tribe.. And the only way out is through.. Nothing I can change about it.. Shit happens.. Try not to take it so personal
2012-12-05 14:50:51 - matt407: Where do you want me to go east from ??.. You are the ones that blocked me in?? Lol bc I moved out of territories for you guys.. So don't be so quick to point the finger.. This is why truces suck.. Bc as soon as it doesn't put you in the lead you cry foul
2012-12-06 03:12:10 - Rockit: all right both of you to your rooms for a 2 turn timeout. LOL it's all good let's have some fun and play war.
2012-12-06 11:20:33 - matt407: :) I had a 10-5 an couldn't take one of yellows... No freakin way :/
2012-12-06 11:59:40 - BarkingAjax: that's nothing red! i managed to lose a close game the other day on 27-5 losses in a fight between equal stacks.
2012-12-06 19:35:07 - Rockit: come on RED you are just building up and not attacking. If this continues we will make this real easy for Blue/Yellow with a 180 degree change of direction.
2012-12-06 20:03:48 - matt407: its always something...
2012-12-06 20:11:01 - matt407: blue... that is a tough loss.. never quite understand how or why that kind of stuff happens
2012-12-06 23:27:45 - BarkingAjax: well, crazy runs happen. somehow it's only when you lose on them that you remember though. ;)
2012-12-08 06:31:26 - Rockit: Team # 1 (red) can u please take Gallairum Praetor please and push east
2012-12-08 12:17:25 - matt407: 2 round notice
2012-12-10 13:30:16 - matt407: I don't have the need to attack you team 3 .. However the truce is now up.. My target is still T2.. GL
2012-12-10 14:16:12 - BarkingAjax: thought someone might try that spot teal
2012-12-10 20:43:32 - Rockit: not me man that was my partners good idea it almost worked another 10 rounds or so. lol
2012-12-10 20:44:02 - Rockit: I actually missed that deployment two turns in a row then I saw it. true story.
2012-12-10 23:08:52 - BarkingAjax: so I thought of it at the same time then. I just realized, hmmm... that could be a problem hiding there
2012-12-10 23:27:46 - Oneyed: red, could I take Galliarum praetor just for several turns?
2012-12-11 05:59:01 - matt407: all yours
2012-12-11 13:16:15 - Oneyed: thanks red. I will leave it for you after few rounds.
2012-12-12 05:50:26 - matt407: no worries.. after my blunder early on.. its no biggie
2012-12-15 13:16:47 - BarkingAjax: hope you guys aren't in a hurry, with team 3 pulling nearly even on reinfs with me I think we could be here a while.....
2012-12-19 02:29:15 - Rockit: No need for Defcon 1 fellas
2012-12-19 03:15:38 - BarkingAjax: right now I think this favors you team 3... you get almost as many troops as us and team 1 is only hitting us..... but far from over of course
2012-12-21 03:35:12 - Rockit: Just a some maneuvers to keep the troops exercised lol ha!
2012-12-23 16:03:41 - BarkingAjax: hmmmm... and now you've passed us. interesting
2012-12-24 02:02:05 - Oneyed: merry xmas :)
2012-12-24 21:36:42 - BarkingAjax: merry xmas
2012-12-25 17:46:42 - matt407: Wow team 3.. Big move against us
2012-12-25 17:51:14 - Rockit: nice try matt not a big move you gave us all those territories by having only a few troops on each. we see you building that monster stack.
2012-12-26 14:06:01 - matt407: Lol
2012-12-26 14:06:34 - matt407: We have a combined 17 regions ... Not very strong
2012-12-28 05:51:28 - Rockit: nice try you could have had a chance matt but you insisted to sit and wait while blue just kept getting bigger now you lost
2012-12-28 12:21:24 - matt407: We also made a truce with you which I could not get around
2012-12-28 23:11:08 - Rockit: no that is not the reason but an excuse. I would think you would have played it different maybe just inexperience on this board. what-ever GL in the future. Rock-on
2012-12-28 23:28:41 - matt407: not an excuse... just a tactical mistake to truce with a team I am walled behind.. shouldnt have yielded those territories early.. however, you have guys played well,, and team 2 has been in the lead pretty much from the get go.. GG
2012-12-29 00:04:30 - BarkingAjax: gg pink, and all
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