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Game 12239573

Round 30

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order
Flat Rate

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
30 Rounds
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerSpoilsRegionsTroopsTroops Due
r:CMetternich 4.6 1 13 39 0
g:hellscreature 4.6 0 0 0 0
b:mixalis 4.7 3 6 14 0
y:inchul64 4.8 3 24 56 32
p:spez0010 4.6 0 0 0 0

Game Log

2013-01-22 11:40:19 - Game has been initialized
2013-02-08 08:39:29 - inchul64 eliminated hellscreature from the game
2013-02-16 02:22:07 - inchul64 eliminated spez0010 from the game
2013-02-16 22:46:41 - inchul64 won the game
2013-02-16 22:46:41 - CMetternich lost 20 points
2013-02-16 22:46:41 - hellscreature lost 15 points
2013-02-16 22:46:41 - mixalis lost 13 points
2013-02-16 22:46:41 - spez0010 lost 15 points
2013-02-16 22:46:41 - inchul64 gained 63 points

Game Chat

2013-02-02 13:33:15 - inchul64: I know, but that happened after I wrote my note.
2013-02-02 13:38:34 - inchul64: But blue's big army will get to me next turn.
2013-02-03 15:38:07 - CMetternich: ..yeah, too bad the other players are allowed to attack you, isn´t it. They really should give you the win on a silver tablet
2013-02-03 17:50:27 - inchul64: Oh you think so? That's so nice of you. I didn't know the people on here were so nice. Usually they're ill mannered and calling you all sorts of hurtful names.
2013-02-03 19:43:09 - CMetternich: If I would do that, for sure I won´t give you hurtful names. I think there are other candidates out there who deserve it more;-)
2013-02-06 22:20:32 - inchul64: Well, Red, I am a pretty nice guy. But I will always try my best to win but try not to take my losses too seriously. After all this is just a game and we're all here to have fun.
2013-02-06 22:22:25 - inchul64: However, I have run into a few people who are emotionally unbalanced and think this is a real war and they hate anyone who makes it hard for them to win.
2013-02-06 22:26:55 - inchul64: Pink, I hope you can help me keep blue in line because he's got 3x as many armies at anyone else and red and green will keep attacking me even because I've been taking them out.
2013-02-06 22:27:17 - inchul64: And meanwhile blue has just been sitting there building up his armies and watching everyone else become decimated.
2013-02-06 22:33:02 - inchul64: Pink, I offer you a truce and a deal. If you take red in the two regions next to you allowing me to finish red off in Srem, I'll take the spoils to turn in a set to attack blue and I'll let you take Vojvodina and not attack you when you do.
2013-02-06 22:33:10 - inchul64: As long as you don't attack me as well.
2013-02-07 17:33:33 - hellscreature: not gonna strike me a deal yellow? lol
2013-02-07 22:05:11 - inchul64: Green, not unless you can keep blue from kicking my butt all the way to Czechoslovakia. Oh, we're in Yugoslavia. I forgot.
2013-02-08 09:29:30 - inchul64: good game green.
2013-02-10 19:56:43 - inchul64: I guess it was inevitable that everyone would gang up on me. I will probably be the first out of the game now. Sad.
2013-02-11 15:23:29 - CMetternich: But that´s exactly what happenend to me before.
2013-02-12 04:17:12 - inchul64: Pink, I think you might win since this is a round limited game and the person with the most armies wins. You've managed to stay away from fighting with anyone resulting in a large troop build up. I don't think any of us can win since
2013-02-12 04:17:28 - inchul64: we just keep butting heads and reducing our army count.
2013-02-12 17:14:12 - spez0010: Just trying to survive.
2013-02-12 17:36:28 - CMetternich: okay, yellow, then let us build a truce.
2013-02-12 17:37:26 - CMetternich: I left Novi Sad and you leave Slavonia open. Doboj is up for grabs to get Spoils
2013-02-12 19:28:49 - inchul64: Red, agreed. I am good for my word.
2013-02-12 19:32:16 - inchul64: Blue, you can fight me and we can both lose or we can fight pink and have a chance. It's up to you.
2013-02-13 00:57:58 - inchul64: Nice Red
2013-02-13 01:03:29 - inchul64: Blue, go ahead, take all my bonuses. I will take all your bonuses too. I figure if you attack me, I can't win so i will make sure you don't win either. My goal now is to decimate pink and blue and help red win.
2013-02-13 01:04:24 - inchul64: So Pink and blue, who wants to butt heads with me and reduce their armies. :-)
2013-02-13 22:37:05 - CMetternich: Now blue is the favourite to win;-)
2013-02-14 13:43:33 - CMetternich: go southwards, pink, otherwise you`ll lose this game
2013-02-14 19:00:11 - spez0010: Just trying to survive
2013-02-15 01:17:17 - inchul64: blue I don't think it's doing any good for us to keep attacking each other.,
2013-02-15 01:17:41 - inchul64: 4 rounds to go,
2013-02-15 11:06:33 - CMetternich: @yellow: I doubt that bue reads this. I already played a game with him and he is either not able to write in english or does not read this.
2013-02-15 11:53:08 - CMetternich: and you can take doboj now, if you want
2013-02-15 16:44:43 - inchul64: Pink, you may think that your strategy of not fighting blue will win but it's just cowardly. If you win, you won't deserve it because I've been pounding bliue. He'll win now if we don't all work together.
2013-02-15 16:46:00 - inchul64: Pink, if you don't attack blue, might as well attack you instead since there's no chance to win. From next turn I will come after you for the rest of the game and you will have no chance to win.
2013-02-15 18:32:10 - CMetternich: @Yellow: Do you agree that pink is an idiot? All he ever did in this game was attacking me. Look at the entire Game Log, all what he wanted was to ruin my game and give blue the win.
2013-02-15 19:16:51 - inchul64: Well, his strategy was good in getting him into the lead at one point He amassed armies and didn't attack anyone. But it was a shortsighted strategy and by not helping keep blue in check, blue was able to keep me down.
2013-02-15 19:17:48 - inchul64: And Pink also made sure to ruin my bonus so I was fighting pink and blue. I don't know why pink didn't do the same to blue since blue was at pink's border.
2013-02-15 19:18:49 - inchul64: Yeah, if I didn't know better, I'd say that pink was working for blue or was a second ID of blue.
2013-02-15 19:23:24 - inchul64: Red, now that I take a look, blue and pink never attacked each other. They always attacked us but never each other. I would say there's a secret alliance or pink is blue. We should report them.
2013-02-15 20:02:05 - CMetternich: ..and I had nearly as many troops as blue had. If I look at his stats, he is more than once rated as "irrational".
2013-02-15 20:09:05 - CMetternich: look at it: Now he attacks you, he is just in thsi game to win it by himself or to give blue the win
2013-02-16 06:07:53 - inchul64: yeah, pink is only out to help blue win. his actions don't help him win.
2013-02-16 15:02:17 - inchul64: Hi Red. I'm sorry it looks like I'm going to win. I actually thought you would win, but you allowing me to keep both my large bonuses made the difference. I also got lucky in being able to turn in back to back sets of spoils.
2013-02-16 15:07:29 - inchul64: Your actions show that you believe in playing honorable. A lot of players wouldn't have done that.
2013-02-16 15:09:27 - inchul64: I hope to repay the favor by maybe playing a team game with you.
2013-02-16 22:48:33 - CMetternich: Oh, this is okay. I consider thsi game ass a eam agme already, as it was clear that pink was unable/unwilling to play the games as one should. So I think it is fair that you won.
2013-02-16 22:49:59 - CMetternich: Argh, sorry my wireless keyboard betrayed me.
2013-02-16 22:50:35 - CMetternich: Anyway, we can play a rematch, if you want it, then hopefully with better circumstances
2013-02-16 22:51:10 - CMetternich: 12371028
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