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Tournament: NCAA Basketball Tourney - R1 - West Game 2

Game 135826

Round 29

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order
No Spoils

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerRegionsTroopsTroops Due
r:Enter Smith 4.7 0 0 0
g:cletus 4.8 0 0 0
b:gerry22 n/a 41 53 30
y:V.J. 4.9 0 0 0

Game Log

2006-12-16 16:27:46 - Game has been initialized
2007-01-09 22:35:19 - cletus eliminated V.J. from the game
2007-01-11 01:36:46 - gerry22 eliminated Enter Smith from the game
2007-01-11 01:37:42 - gerry22 eliminated cletus from the game
2007-01-11 01:37:42 - gerry22 won the game
2007-01-11 01:37:42 - Enter Smith lost 18 points
2007-01-11 01:37:42 - cletus lost 19 points
2007-01-11 01:37:42 - V.J. lost 27 points
2007-01-11 01:37:42 - gerry22 gained 64 points

Game Chat

2006-12-16 16:28:29 - V.J.: so sorry guy for waiting.hi Cletus,nice to see you again:))
2006-12-16 16:28:40 - V.J.: good luck
2006-12-17 17:49:46 - cletus: Hiho
2006-12-24 20:44:28 - cletus: Merry X-Mas!
2006-12-25 10:22:04 - V.J.: all best for you and your familly guys!
2006-12-26 20:42:38 - Enter Smith: I hope everyone had a great day, happy new year
2006-12-26 20:47:46 - V.J.: It's too soon for new year:) but I had a great weekend, lots of alcohol and food!:))
2007-01-02 21:38:14 - V.J.: Again I see that cletus needs much more to learn, and I'm surprised that he has this rank.Cletus didn't you see that gerry had 30 soldiers more than the rest of us?
2007-01-02 22:43:19 - cletus: yeah, but you are between gerry and me. So he'll lose his soldiers while attacking you, not me. Futhermore I will not attack smith in europe. He may weaken Gerry, too.
2007-01-02 22:47:55 - V.J.: and you have forgotten Irkutsk in that story.
2007-01-03 08:22:41 - cletus: but I don't get enough soldiers every round for a successful attack from irkutsk. If you don't attack me in africa, i may concentrate on irkutsk/kamchatka
2007-01-03 14:55:04 - cletus: Do you really think I attack blue if you conquer egypt? I think you have to learn something, too...
2007-01-03 22:45:39 - V.J.: No,I want to finish this game because you had your chance but you have wasted it on attacking me so now I'll let gerry win:)
2007-01-09 08:49:27 - V.J.: that's good play gerry!now finish guys!
2007-01-09 23:50:56 - gerry22: thanks V.J., looks like i'm going through to the next round, touch wood. But seriously it takes a special kind of noob to lose from a position like this.
2007-01-09 23:52:27 - gerry22: but they are out there, i've played a few.
2007-01-11 01:37:58 - gerry22: gg everyone
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