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Tournament: ppgangster's WHITE GOLD II - Round 4.3

Game 5609074

Round 19

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order
Flat Rate

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerSpoilsRegionsTroopsTroops Due
r:ognjen 4.5 0 0 0 0
g:dijxtra 4.8 8 48 71 45
b:squishyg 4.9 0 0 0 0
y:bigreuben 4.7 0 0 0 0
p:Galain 4.8 0 0 0 0
c:BikerAngel 4.8 0 0 0 0

Game Log

2009-09-18 17:40:27 - Game has been initialized
2009-09-27 03:16:32 - squishyg eliminated BikerAngel from the game
2009-09-27 03:16:32 - BikerAngel lost 19 points
2009-09-27 03:16:32 - squishyg gained 19 points
2009-09-28 19:29:33 - dijxtra eliminated bigreuben from the game
2009-09-28 19:29:33 - bigreuben lost 18 points
2009-09-28 19:29:33 - dijxtra gained 18 points
2009-10-05 19:49:51 - dijxtra eliminated ognjen from the game
2009-10-05 19:49:51 - ognjen lost 16 points
2009-10-05 19:49:51 - dijxtra gained 16 points
2009-10-06 15:03:37 - dijxtra eliminated Galain from the game
2009-10-06 15:03:37 - Galain lost 16 points
2009-10-06 15:03:37 - dijxtra gained 16 points
2009-10-08 10:33:04 - dijxtra eliminated squishyg from the game
2009-10-08 10:33:04 - squishyg lost 13 points
2009-10-08 10:33:04 - dijxtra gained 13 points
2009-10-08 10:33:04 - dijxtra won the game

Game Chat

2009-10-04 12:07:38 - dijxtra: You should wait for us to kill galain and then fight us. Is that too much to ask?
2009-10-04 14:01:47 - squishyg: There you go Galain, worst roll of my life. Now we're even :-)
2009-10-04 19:56:56 - Galain: heh, this is kinda fun,too bad I don't have the ressources to retaliate any more
2009-10-04 20:27:31 - ognjen: sorry only for spoils
2009-10-05 03:23:55 - dijxtra: There, now you have enough place to take spoils.
2009-10-05 18:39:25 - ognjen: ok ok i lose game in all cases i didnt want to wait when all players enjoy sorry
2009-10-05 19:51:24 - dijxtra: Yes, but now Galain will get at least a point, which is bad. You ruined it for all of us except Galain. That was inffesponsible. You could have held all of Africa and waited for two of us to kill Galain.
2009-10-05 19:51:46 - dijxtra: You could win a point or even 3 points, but nooooooooo, you had to ruin it all.
2009-10-05 19:52:18 - dijxtra: squishyg, truce until Galain is dead?
2009-10-05 20:02:24 - bigreuben: green... you are stupid!!!!! you could have blocked red so he won't get in your way until you kill pink... now galain have the lead going to the last game no matter what....
2009-10-05 20:53:39 - ognjen: you ruined it dijxtra i could in one moment take all mediteranea but i wont only for spoils
2009-10-05 20:55:53 - ognjen: why you eliminated me if i could win a point hahaha and i attack you on tunisia with 15 troops on 3 troops and take it with 5 troops
2009-10-05 20:57:16 - ognjen: you are lucky and you can see what others think about your turn
2009-10-05 21:02:10 - ognjen: hahaha squishyg you attack galain until dijxtra take spoils from me and conquer all map hahahaha
2009-10-05 21:17:59 - dijxtra: bigreuben, ognjen decided to destroy me for some reason, I don't know why. He could cash in his spoils and brake all of my bonuses and the I would be in big trouble.
2009-10-05 21:18:51 - dijxtra: Ognjen just isn't a guy to which you can trust so I had to whipe him up or he would weaken me to the point that Galain would be able to grow while ognjen and I fight.
2009-10-05 21:19:12 - dijxtra: This way i prevented ognjen from cashing in his spoils and destroying me completely.
2009-10-05 22:01:56 - bigreuben: I don't see anything now, but I'm sure you could have bloked red, in some territory with only two borders with no easy spoil to get.... If you point was to get to the last game with everything open, then you could lose some force vs red while killing pink
2009-10-05 22:03:30 - bigreuben: now, even if you win (it looks this way from here) you'll still be behind in point....
2009-10-05 23:24:30 - ognjen: dijxtra you disapointed me 5 turns i didnt want to open your region
2009-10-05 23:25:21 - ognjen: i attack your region when i want to take spoils
2009-10-05 23:26:14 - ognjen: and if you remember you put unit ti eastern turkey and what about turkey
2009-10-05 23:27:14 - ognjen: and blue attack me in maroco in the game for spoils and i didnt revange him ask him
2009-10-05 23:28:23 - ognjen: and if i could to destroy you i didnt do that before pink
2009-10-05 23:29:50 - ognjen: and olso green you can see that i have 8 units at the iraq i dont want to go deep in your territory
2009-10-05 23:31:21 - ognjen: and i brake your bonuses when you have 5 spoils
2009-10-05 23:32:54 - ognjen: and its not matter answer at the question why you destroy me when i wasnt be strong anymore
2009-10-06 02:20:40 - squishyg: I like you all. As long as you remember that I'm a women and not a "him", I'm cool with all y'all.
2009-10-06 07:23:09 - dijxtra: I destroyed you because you were killing my troops.
2009-10-06 07:24:40 - dijxtra: Its simple: any sane player would wait until we kill Galain. You had 9 troops every turn WITHOUT spoils. All you had to do I receive that 9 troops and every turn and wait.
2009-10-06 07:25:23 - dijxtra: And you woubld probably win that way, because blue and I woud be weakened by fingthing Galain, and you would be strong and with a lot of troops.
2009-10-06 07:25:44 - dijxtra: But, instead of waiting, you had to break my bonuses.
2009-10-06 07:26:25 - dijxtra: So, you are obviously nuts and want to destroy me for some reason before we kill Galain.
2009-10-06 07:27:13 - dijxtra: So, I have 2 options: leave you alive and let you destroy my bonuses again when you cash in your spoils. Or destroy you and give Galain one point.
2009-10-06 07:27:56 - dijxtra: This way Galain gets one point. If I left you alive, then you cashed your spoins and destroyed all of my bonuses, then only blue would be fighting Galain and Galain would get stronger.
2009-10-06 07:29:04 - dijxtra: And then Galain would probably be alive and ou and me would fight each other to death because you can't wait for me to kill Galain.
2009-10-06 07:29:19 - dijxtra: And then Galain would get 3 points. This way he gets only 1 point.
2009-10-06 07:29:49 - dijxtra: All you had to do is sit there and recieve 9 armies per turn for doing nothing. Was that so hard?
2009-10-06 12:11:14 - bigreuben: wait.. blue is a girl too... I have a bad feeling that in the last game the girls will finaly start to use this "women power" and after killing us all decide between them who'll get the alpha male ;)
2009-10-06 21:05:46 - ognjen: you are panic gay dijxtra
2009-10-06 23:20:27 - squishyg: hehe, "have him washed and brought to my tent". :-)
2009-10-06 23:21:21 - squishyg: ognen, please refrain from calling people "gay" as if it's an insult. I understand many people do that, but I find it offensive.
2009-10-07 09:54:32 - dijxtra: Ognjen, I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.
2009-10-07 21:06:31 - ognjen: i m sorry i didnt mean gay my english is bad guy is the word sorry
2009-10-07 21:08:02 - ognjen: and you can say evrething to me but mother and father no you wont win in next game
2009-10-07 21:09:12 - ognjen: i m sorry all i dont talk anything at game chat
2009-10-07 23:26:06 - squishyg: It's all good ognen, I can see now that your intent was to write "guy". :-)
2009-10-08 10:31:46 - dijxtra: ognjen, you should watch a bit more of Monty Python's Flying Circus, then you'd maybe recognise the quote ;-)
2009-10-09 19:08:02 - squishyg: put him in the comfy chair!
2009-10-09 19:08:15 - squishyg: gg all! see you soon.
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