Conquer Club
Tournament: 19th Annual IRTOC Satellite Tournament

Game 674328

Round 13

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerSpoilsRegionsTroopsTroops Due
r:WingsWord 4.7 0 0 0 0
g:Lokireborn 4.6 0 0 0 0
b:CarrotKhan 4.8 5 42 57 38
y:Demon666 4.7 0 0 0 0

Game Log

2007-07-25 19:09:48 - Game has been initialized
2007-08-05 10:07:54 - Demon666 eliminated WingsWord from the game
2007-08-06 13:43:22 - Demon666 eliminated Lokireborn from the game
2007-08-06 21:00:40 - CarrotKhan eliminated Demon666 from the game
2007-08-06 21:00:40 - CarrotKhan won the game
2007-08-06 21:00:40 - WingsWord lost 30 points
2007-08-06 21:00:40 - Lokireborn lost 26 points
2007-08-06 21:00:40 - Demon666 lost 19 points
2007-08-06 21:00:40 - CarrotKhan gained 75 points

Game Chat

2007-07-25 19:39:40 - WingsWord: gla
2007-07-25 20:39:51 - Demon666: GL
2007-07-25 21:28:38 - Lokireborn: wow lost 5 guys and didnt kill anything
2007-07-25 21:29:08 - Lokireborn: gl
2007-07-26 18:44:13 - WingsWord: i recommend you all to install the add-on made to show stats of all players troops, strenght etc.
2007-07-26 23:28:26 - CarrotKhan: Add on?
2007-07-27 11:28:40 - WingsWord: yes, or maybe its called plugin here. anyway here is the link to the topic in CC forum.
2007-07-27 11:29:58 - WingsWord: BOB version 1.2
2007-07-27 19:33:47 - CarrotKhan: I will be traveling tonight and tomorrow, possibly not getting internet access back until Monday (depending on when they set up the remote site) so I apologize now if I seem to take my time.
2007-07-27 20:23:46 - WingsWord: np, take your time. only good for me to stay away from this game now. its frustrating to see lokiborn ruin the game
2007-07-27 20:24:41 - WingsWord: get the add-on or spend some time study the map before doing those newbie moves green
2007-07-30 19:18:19 - WingsWord: now again green and yellow keep 1 borders without attacking eachother and get contibonus free. add to that green only attack me without logical strategic reason its way to fishy to be more then just bad playing.
2007-07-30 19:20:48 - WingsWord: its cheap and stupid. maybe 1 of you win the spot in RiskTOC by this cheating and make fools out of yourselfs.
2007-08-03 22:10:24 - Lokireborn: wings word, stop compliaing about me. im playing my way.... before when i had sotuh america i didnt want to be suck betweent the two giants. let them battle it out...
2007-08-03 22:10:44 - Lokireborn: in other words... i dont want to be wiped out cus the longer i live the more chance i have at surviving and winnning
2007-08-04 17:34:04 - WingsWord: it was you making them giants in first place. and repeting to make me an easy target wont help any of us. your way of playing is plain bad. but nm, if you cant see such simple basics my comments only get the 'complaining' effect so i will stfu
2007-08-06 20:45:31 - Demon666: gg bro the cards were not on my side lol
2007-08-06 21:01:20 - CarrotKhan: All about the timing! Thank you for the game.
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