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Tournament: Whac-A-Mod 3 May 2010 - pw: whac a tech

Game 6992720

Round 16

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerSpoilsRegionsTroopsTroops Due
r:ender516 4.9 6 80 214 96
g:DresdenSooner 4.8 0 0 0 0
b:tims_girl_ashley 4.6 0 0 0 0

Game Log

2010-05-17 15:51:06 - Game has been initialized
2010-05-22 17:26:20 - tims_girl_ashley eliminated DresdenSooner from the game
2010-05-23 14:48:41 - ender516 eliminated tims_girl_ashley from the game
2010-05-23 14:48:41 - ender516 won the game
2010-05-23 14:48:41 - DresdenSooner lost 33 points
2010-05-23 14:48:41 - tims_girl_ashley lost 17 points
2010-05-23 14:48:41 - ender516 gained 50 points

Game Chat

2010-05-17 15:53:12 - tims_girl_ashley: i think ender got to choose where we was all set... lucky u ender lol
2010-05-17 16:46:42 - ender516: Well, I guess it's nice to have for the first turn, but it really just paints a bigger target on my back.
2010-05-17 16:46:53 - ender516: As the mod, I already had one.
2010-05-17 16:47:27 - ender516: Anyway, thanks for joining and good luck, everyone!
2010-05-17 16:59:58 - ender516: Well, it was a good drop, but I've had better dice, so I guess it will all even out.
2010-05-17 17:01:03 - tims_girl_ashley: yah true
2010-05-22 01:56:22 - tims_girl_ashley: dam ender seems liek ur always moveing ranks... the game started and you was a cadet
2010-05-22 01:56:43 - tims_girl_ashley: then you went to prvate and then cadet and now ur at coporal
2010-05-22 05:23:37 - ender516: Well, I won Game 6825621, which just earned me 205 points. It was in the Bit By Bit Tournament, but I was just a seat filler in that group, I think.
2010-05-22 05:38:20 - tims_girl_ashley: ooo real nice
2010-05-22 15:31:11 - ender516: Yeah, I think two of the better players were fighting it out in the fog on the other side of the board.
2010-05-22 15:33:27 - ender516: So they didn't see me working my way around until it was too late.
2010-05-22 15:47:52 - tims_girl_ashley: yah i had fog screw me last nigt in a game
2010-05-22 16:20:17 - tims_girl_ashley: that didn't work out to well
2010-05-23 02:53:31 - tims_girl_ashley: good gam,e thought i ahd you but guess not
2010-05-23 02:54:08 - tims_girl_ashley: but heck just adds to y loseing trend... i think im now up to lost like 5 or 6 in a row on feudal epic which i was doing good on before 2day and then now this game
2010-05-23 03:12:52 - ender516: You've played very well, but I got very lucky with the spoils.
2010-05-23 03:32:23 - ender516: Here's hoping you don't have a set yet.
2010-05-23 03:50:46 - tims_girl_ashley: yah would ahve been nice if i had a set
2010-05-23 03:57:11 - tims_girl_ashley: i gained like 2 ranks since this game started and then ended up loseing it all by time the game ended lol
2010-05-23 04:01:29 - tims_girl_ashley: you had terriable dice at bay ridge lol
2010-05-23 04:01:37 - tims_girl_ashley: lost well over 1/2 ur troops
2010-05-23 04:03:48 - ender516: Yes, I auto-attacked to save time. My internet connection has been crummy for days. Autoattack is usually a bad idea.
2010-05-23 04:04:24 - ender516: And now the dice have failed me at the end. Sigh.
2010-05-23 04:13:19 - tims_girl_ashley: its all good u win still
2010-05-23 14:49:52 - ender516: Well, you're a good sport. Thanks for playing!
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