Conquer Club
Tournament: Point Grabbers III

Game 774456

Round 11

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order
Flat Rate

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerSpoilsRegionsTroopsTroops Due
r:reptile 4.9 3 30 42 18
g:Night Strike 4.9 0 0 0 0

Game Log

2007-08-23 05:53:36 - Game has been initialized
2007-08-24 21:57:36 - reptile eliminated Night Strike from the game
2007-08-24 21:57:36 - reptile won the game
2007-08-24 21:57:36 - Night Strike lost 14 points
2007-08-24 21:57:36 - reptile gained 14 points

Game Chat

2007-08-23 05:54:01 - Night Strike: Dang, when did you become a major???? Congrats. Now will you share the points???
2007-08-23 14:17:57 - reptile: lol... we will see. i just got it a few days ago. and am almost to 2600. but there are like 5 games i am about to lose
2007-08-23 21:59:43 - reptile: not cool. lost 9 to your 1 that round! this might be the end of me in this tourney now! (lost in a 8 vs3 fight!)
2007-08-24 02:40:42 - reptile: might be back in it
2007-08-24 03:33:12 - Night Strike: Nice enough cards????
2007-08-24 17:02:58 - Godd: hello. I am ready and waiting in the finals game for one of you so thought I check in to see how it was going
2007-08-24 17:03:51 - Godd: nothing against you night strike but am routing for reptile after all he was the one that was a reigning champ and has the point I want
2007-08-24 17:04:30 - Godd: besides I can beat reptile but dont know if I would be able to beat night strike
2007-08-24 20:25:08 - Night Strike: Nice save there Godd. By the way, I want his points also. And reptile beat me in the last tournament on his way to the championship, so I'm really wanting revenge.
2007-08-24 20:25:19 - Night Strike: Hopefullly the dice will start rolling my way.
2007-08-24 20:28:00 - Optimus Prime: This looks like a good game.
2007-08-24 20:34:05 - reptile: lol.. so it was.. so it was. since you two cant agree on who gets my points, how about i keep them ... and maybe add a few on from each of you guys and take the championship again. that way come point grabbers 4 i will have even more points for you guys
2007-08-24 20:34:50 - reptile: to steal from me... think of it as a investment... and just do your job and lose. lol. and the dice cant roll your way.. if i have a secret magnet in them!!!!
2007-08-24 20:38:12 - Night Strike: Aside from the first turn or two, you HAVE had a magnet!!!!!!
2007-08-24 20:38:58 - Night Strike: And I had finally reached lieutenant.
2007-08-24 21:30:59 - reptile: well... lol i just reached major about two days ago
2007-08-24 21:47:51 - reptile: well i win thanks to the cards... no joke! i so far have had 2 mix sets, and now i have another already!!! sorry and GG
2007-08-24 21:48:05 - reptile: as i said, come get sum in pointgrabbers IIII
2007-08-24 21:48:41 - Night Strike: It's IV
2007-08-24 21:51:56 - Night Strike: Yeah, your sets and your 3rd turn destroyed me.
2007-08-24 21:53:02 - reptile: my 3rd turn? i took arkansas ?
2007-08-24 21:55:03 - Night Strike: Oops, 5th. It seemed so long ago.
2007-08-24 21:56:37 - reptile: oh, yeah that was an awesome turn. i thought you had me beat at that point!
2007-08-24 21:57:27 - Night Strike: I know, my point exactly.
2007-08-24 21:58:11 - Night Strike: I like the map itself, but I think I've only won one game on this one. Especially on 1 v 1. I get a decent start typically, but then the dice start hating me.
2007-08-24 21:58:22 - reptile: yeah no argument there. at least i only took 14 points though.. come back and get em in the next tourney! i will save them for you... maybe even give you some interest
2007-08-24 21:58:52 - Night Strike: I like interest. Good game.
2007-08-24 21:59:41 - reptile: lol see ya
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