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Game 95601

Round 15

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Game Type
Initial Troops
Play Order
Flat Rate

Special Gameplay
Round Limit
Round Length
24 Hours


PlayerSpoilsRegionsTroopsTroops Due
r:mikecomp33 n/a 0 0 0 0
g:b.k. barunt 4.3 0 0 0 0
b:robertivo n/a 0 0 0 0
y:gisbert 4.6 5 42 56 38
p:relims 4.7 0 0 0 0

Game Log

2006-10-28 06:29:36 - Game has been initialized
2006-11-02 09:50:24 - mikecomp33 eliminated relims from the game
2006-11-06 15:49:16 - mikecomp33 eliminated b.k. barunt from the game
2006-11-09 20:30:59 - mikecomp33 eliminated robertivo from the game
2006-11-10 15:56:32 - gisbert eliminated mikecomp33 from the game
2006-11-10 15:56:32 - gisbert won the game
2006-11-10 15:56:32 - mikecomp33 lost 32 points
2006-11-10 15:56:32 - b.k. barunt lost 23 points
2006-11-10 15:56:32 - robertivo lost 21 points
2006-11-10 15:56:32 - relims lost 27 points
2006-11-10 15:56:32 - gisbert gained 103 points

Game Chat

2006-10-29 09:03:40 - robertivo: We hebben wel 2 tot 3 rondes voor dit alles nodig. daarna zien we wel verder. Laat effe wat weten.
2006-10-29 16:27:05 - robertivo: Gisbert?
2006-10-30 18:22:13 - gisbert: ik vind het een leuk aanbod, maar ik heb het paarse gebied toch
2006-10-30 18:22:32 - gisbert: al, dus wat is mijn voordeel dan?
2006-10-31 08:27:16 - robertivo: Het voorstel was al van daarvoor. Voordeel voor beiden is dat we niet op elkaar hoeven te letten in Amerika. Handig want rood is sterk en heeft europa al!!!
2006-10-31 15:08:16 - robertivo: Je zult snel moeten beslissen, anders rolt rood ons beide op in Azie.
2006-10-31 17:22:34 - gisbert: zo, nu heeft rood even een probleemje in ons eigen continent
2006-10-31 17:23:36 - gisbert: en hoeven we voorlopig niet bang te zijn voor azie.
2006-10-31 17:26:20 - mikecomp33: if I spoke your language I would assume that you guys are playing together in this game....
2006-10-31 18:09:56 - b.k. barunt: i don't speak it either, but i would assume the same.
2006-10-31 18:11:36 - b.k. barunt: shall we follow suit?
2006-10-31 18:40:16 - robertivo: Volgende beurt wil ik toch extra bonus gaan pakken. Daarvoor heb ik het laatste land van het continent nodig dat jij in bezit hebt. Trek terug naar het paarse continent. In ruil verzwak ik de tegenstand in het groene en laat je dat in bezit nemen.
2006-11-01 17:18:35 - gisbert: hello everybody, there is no secret deal between robertivo and myself
2006-11-01 17:19:26 - gisbert: This is NOT a doubles game, so everyone for himself
2006-11-01 17:57:32 - b.k. barunt: good enough
2006-11-01 19:35:36 - robertivo: Toch wil ik central America en zal ik je dus wel moeten aanvallen daar!!!
2006-11-02 00:27:06 - b.k. barunt: Toch wil ik aanvallen daar!!!
2006-11-02 12:26:54 - mikecomp33:
2006-11-02 12:27:53 - mikecomp33: gisbert and robertivo have been cheating this whole time, as we thought. Teaming up and going against us. Copied and pasted into a text translator. Not cool.
2006-11-02 12:31:37 - mikecomp33: bedriegers. als u teams wilt spelen krijg in het juiste spel, maar u ruïneert „iedereen voor zich“ spel door samen te spelen.
2006-11-02 17:11:46 - gisbert: dear mike, if you read the translation correctly you would have seen
2006-11-02 17:12:30 - gisbert: that robertivo proposed a deal, but i didnot accept that deal.
2006-11-02 17:13:31 - gisbert: You can see that i still hold central america and that is not good for
2006-11-02 17:14:24 - gisbert: robertivo. If we had a deal then i would have left North America a few turns earlier.
2006-11-02 17:15:15 - gisbert: And Yes we talked in Dutch but that was just an answer on my part.
2006-11-02 17:16:16 - gisbert: I dodn't like it when I am falsley acussed, so an apoligy wouldn't hurt.
2006-11-02 17:40:31 - mikecomp33: if that is truly the case, I apologize. That said, Robertivo has 2 other negative feedbacks for the same problem.
2006-11-02 18:01:46 - robertivo: First of all: Gisbert is right, there was no deal.
2006-11-02 18:02:37 - robertivo: Second: read the homepage, it says (I quote):"Risk all your armies on a daring continent grab. Use diplomacy to coordinate a group assault on the game leader.
2006-11-02 18:04:42 - robertivo: Mike is the game leader. Good for him, bad for all the others of us. If we don't stop him, he wins and we lose. The objective of this game is to win, not to lose.
2006-11-02 18:05:33 - robertivo: By the way: nice trick with that text translator I must say. A possible advantage is now gone.
2006-11-02 18:06:47 - robertivo: At least this becomes a very interesting game now. Almost with real emotions.
2006-11-02 18:29:27 - mikecomp33: say what you want, your feedback speaks for itself. you wont be getting games soon.
2006-11-02 19:21:43 - b.k. barunt: i'm dumbfounded - what kind of loser cheats in a game like this? There's no reward, so why debase yourself?
2006-11-02 19:48:03 - mikecomp33: no clue. last time I check this was for fun. this guy is talking about "real emotions". I promise you, there are no real emotions.
2006-11-02 23:06:38 - b.k. barunt: well it looks like we're stuck with a couple of wankers here.
2006-11-02 23:07:20 - b.k. barunt: dutchboy wankers - gimmeabreak!
2006-11-03 02:39:58 - mikecomp33: gee, I wonder if robertivo is going to attack me???
2006-11-03 09:16:36 - b.k. barunt: what? not Central America?
2006-11-03 14:11:47 - gisbert: Hey mikecomp33, is it possible to get my negative feedback removed??
2006-11-03 14:12:22 - gisbert: I'm branded for life now for something I didn't do
2006-11-03 15:38:43 - mikecomp33: I tried to before you even asked, can't be done. Sorry.
2006-11-04 06:33:34 - robertivo: In an other game someone told me about two rules that apparently exist, which I hadn't read until then: Rule 2 is: No secret alliances. Alliances are allowed (which I was aware of) but no secret alliances. I violated this rule becuase I didn't know it.
2006-11-04 06:34:01 - robertivo: However, this is no excuse, so I apologise.
2006-11-04 12:47:58 - b.k. barunt: robertivo your prior negative feedbacks made you aware of these two rules well before this game. you are a liar and a cheat.
2006-11-04 12:50:24 - b.k. barunt: as for "using diplomacy" to attack the game leader, your overtures to gisbert began before anyone was game leader in this game.
2006-11-04 13:04:28 - b.k. barunt: i wasn't going to leave you a nf, since mike already did, but i despise pathological liars who take pleasure and pride in cheating.
2006-11-04 15:00:44 - robertivo: Darling, I got those in a game going on besides this game.
2006-11-06 03:26:40 - b.k. barunt: how prolific of you.
2006-11-06 03:27:01 - b.k. barunt: darling
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