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Conquer Credits

Don't have a credit card or any money? Go here to check or redeem Conquer Credits or to learn how to collect enough credits to register for free!

Premium Membership

  • Banish the annoying ADS!
  • Play UNLIMITED simultaneous games
  • Play thrilling real-time SPEED games
  • Play massive BATTLE ROYALE games
  • Take multiple armies into battle in POLYMORPHIC games
  • Create password-protected PRIVATE games
  • Send game invitations to RESERVE spots in games
  • Have a GOLDEN rank icon next to your name

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    Conquer Credits

    Currently you can use 500 Credits to enter the Conquer Cup, or 2500 Credits to purchase 1 year of Premium Membership. Stay turned though as we intend to roll out more uses for Credits soon!
    500 Credits for $US 7
    1250 Credits for $US 15
    2500 Credits for $US 25
    5200 Credits for $US 50
    11000 Credits for $US 100

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