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Tournament Directors Task Distribution List [07.08.2019.]

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Tournament Directors Task Distribution List [07.08.2019.]

Postby Mad777 on Fri Oct 24, 2014 1:49 am

As Tournament Directors, we each have a limited amount of time that we can provide to Directing based on personal lives, running tournaments, and other responsibilities that we have. Each Director has taken on tasks that they know they can commit to without over-burdening themselves. In order to help you know who to contact with a specific question or concern, refer to the compiled list of duties that each Director is responsible for.

benga Tournaments & Tribes Team Leader
  • General Tournament & Tribe Questions/Issues
  • Appeals/Serious Disputes
  • Premium Prize Bank
  • Speed Tournaments
  • Tournaments with Grand Finale
  • International Tournaments
  • General Achievement Medals
  • Beta Team Liaison
  • Tournament Exemptions
  • Large-Team Tournaments
  • TPA Commissioner (TPA6)
  • Canceled Tournaments
  • Processing Completed Tournaments
  • Tribes Administrator
  • Tribes Event
  • Assisting New Organizers
  • Tournament Organizers Forum
  • Inputting Tournaments into the Database
  • Play-Now Tournaments
  • Ongoing Tournaments
  • Rescued Tournaments
  • Tournament Organizers Forum
  • Tribes Administrator
  • Tribes Event

Dukasaur Tournament Team Deputy Leader
  • Sponsored Tournaments
  • Community Team Liaison
  • Tournament Handbook Re-write
  • Assisting New Organizers

  • TPA Commissioner (TPA4 and TPA5)

  • Auto-Tournaments Commissioner
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