Conquer Club



Spanked and Milked
What happens when a fun loving clan who is known for handing out spankings joins with a top notch herd of knights? Prepare to be spanked and milked!
Average Score2,748.1
Score Range1,477-4,530
Clan War Record40/48 (83.3%)
Clan Game Record1494/2498 (59.8%)
Tournament Record4/35 (11.4%)
Tournament Score97
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Personnel: fishydance (Leader), josko.ri (Leader), All Black Rugby, Astoriana, ballenus, Big Yuma Ripper, Bilbo1_OC, CatchersMitt14, chipv, denthefrog, emilywink, ender_w99, fchiverton, Foxglove, General Roy, ghow, Gods dad, hotpockets, IanG7, JackMaxim, jimboy, Junior Bee, Kambodia, kjg21, Lingfish, Mageplunka69, maroshka851, merch313, niMic, osujacket, Pirlo, printinpram1, random21, Rodion, Shannon Apple, sjnap, skillfull, Swifte, TeeGee, Wizz00

The Odd Fellows Union
The Odd Fellows Union is a friendly, cosmopolitan and non-hierarchical clan, comprising players who will always strive for top honors in leagues, ladders and tournaments. We welcome inquiries from any ambitious individual who wishes to be a part of CC's most successful organization.
Average Score2,973.6
Score Range1,586-5,715
Clan War Record43.5/53 (82.1%)
Clan Game Record1644/2729 (60.2%)
Tournament Record10/43 (23.3%)
Tournament Score42
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Personnel: Caymanmew (Leader), rockfist (Leader), theflycassanova (Leader), Doc_Brown, Extreme Ways, fusibaseball, Iron Maid, Jdsizzleslice, joecoolfrog, keyborn, lokisgal, loutil, Nephilim, Nucker, PROFITS, Sanguis, Scarlet Lady, Seinfeld1, Turtle Love

Les Hussards du Dragon
We are "Les Hussards du Dragon", a french language based clan. Nous sommes "Les Hussards du Dragon" un clan de francophones
Average Score2,486.0
Score Range1,300-4,350
Clan War Record41/56 (73.2%)
Clan Game Record1620/2814 (57.6%)
Tournament Record7/44 (15.9%)
Tournament Score38
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Personnel: donche64 (Leader), Donelladan (Leader), samdemars (Leader), Unai (Leader), *JiV*, -1-1-3-, AlexV, altoque, ancessus, betiko, djelebert, dragon dor, eideanaute, fairman, fred299229, General_Tao, JELO, Jouby, jrslkns, knife17, l asticot, Lancelot du Lac, LeVieuxLion, Mad777, Mishalex, Nick76, Paengars, StefanH, TiiB, volrazz, wence, ZaBeast, _Untouchable

the Fallen
The Great Banishment was only the beginning... When the sky cracked and we were exiled from the heavens, the earth shuddered. For it knew what was being sent and she trembled in fear. We are the Fallen, an unstoppable wave of Darkness. Armies will decide - lay down their weapons and be taken into our numbers, or die and lose their souls. What will you decide? A fun, tight knit clan who enjo...
Average Score2,490.6
Score Range1,304-4,560
Clan War Record34/47 (72.3%)
Clan Game Record1285/2340 (54.9%)
Tournament Record10/41 (24.4%)
Tournament Score197
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Personnel: GoranZ (Leader), mc05025 (Leader), rousseau72 (Leader), .SCuD., Agent 86, agentcom, alfombra, Colonel Krink, dakky21, drunkmunky, Egel, elspaniard, farm, hjelp, Kaskavel, kizkiz, LLC22, mr_inverto, nokelberry, nolefan5311, osman76, rcfritz, Robespierre__, t4mcr53s2, tbayjosh, Triple 6, Zorro134

Ascension is on the rise! A collection of the finest, most upstanding a-holes you might find on a flagging online gaming website. More seriously, we're a close-knit group of highly competitive players who love to win and have a laugh doing it. Contact itake or mdhill if interested in joining. Make checks payable to dshedd. Complaints to groovysmurf.
Average Score2,798.4
Score Range2,041-3,953
Clan War Record12/17 (70.6%)
Clan Game Record447/786 (56.9%)
Tournament Record0/0
Tournament Score0
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Personnel: elddir (Leader), groovysmurf (Leader), itake (Leader), mdhill (Leader), 2007spaceodyssey, Ark_Angel_NZ, Bariclaw, chuck D, Conchobar, dshedd, Dufus, eurosport, Ferris Wheels, Frox333, Fyrdraca, hopalong, hudds, hyposquasher, JPlo64, Kexor, kongming3, lewnard, mookiemcgee, Ruffington, SaviorShot, Zed the River

Fraternal Order of Exceptional Drinkers
A close knit group of players exceptional in skill and drinking ability.
Average Score2,238.0
Score Range1,462-3,778
Clan War Record47/75 (62.7%)
Clan Game Record2080/3814 (54.5%)
Tournament Record4/41 (9.8%)
Tournament Score3
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Personnel: ElricTheGreat (Leader), uckuki (Leader), anonadick, Avi8or, Awoodness, b00060, born2reign, celliottii, Charle, dinustef, DP757, Dukasaur, GROND 2cd., guzmanuk, hlbart, hmsps, I_Refuse, lexie3000, Liveoak, Lockup, Lord Arioch, madmom, Mass Miracle, Pajarito, PereiroSaus, sdh, tamaynet, Tennisie, timogl, vojinsek, william tennant, WILLIAMS5232, yastreb

"Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never--in nothing, great or small, large or petty--never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy". - Winston Churchill This is what we used to believe. Then everything changed as we faced extinction. Our desires to exist forced us to ...
Average Score1,970.9
Score Range724-3,980
Clan War Record48/77 (62.3%)
Clan Game Record2078/3851 (54.0%)
Tournament Record0/31 (0.0%)
Tournament Score0
Details | Headquarters | Recruitment
Personnel: Bobby4254 (Leader), cpusurfer (Leader), jghost7 (Leader), 8LimbWorrior, Al B. Damned, Anthrax821, barley, big jumbo, Chris98, cmbdiesel, dan the general, danervinsucks, eric111213, Evil Semp, gambler21210, gertbomber, GloriousPack, huskerdu, Invdr_zim, King Engineer, KKlemen, krolt, longboreder, Lord Banner, Ltrain, Monkeymagic07, njscorpio, nvrijn, poundcake2000, puffball, Reazione Estrema, riverj, schiballs, Silly Knig-it, smegal69, sonofabs, spanishclaret, tankgirl99, tec805, the conqueror 10, theheadholes, thelord, trlester, updalions

Legends of War
Legends Of War offers the chance to play in a highly competitive environment. We pride ourselves on coming together to play as single unit, being dedicated to success, and striving to always become better. LoW is always looking for experienced team players who are patient, mature, and willing to communicate. If these characteristics describe you, then you may very well have what it takes to be...
Average Score2,220.8
Score Range937-4,171
Clan War Record28/50 (56.0%)
Clan Game Record1247/2412 (51.7%)
Tournament Record0/31 (0.0%)
Tournament Score0
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Personnel: chard (Leader), JJ41375 (Leader), -Maximus-, Aba, angola, bfunny27, Blatta, bobzimmerman, ccatman, Clanlord Carl, Condor, Deanos75, demy7, Gen. Ramsarelli, gogglez, HardAttack, harvmax, Hjaboa, homer_jay, iancanton, jemal_fixit, LEQUEEN, LiveLoveTeach, Loose Canon, lt.pie, maasman, medic1982, michiganfan22, Onyxide, reptile, Sir_Scavenger, Slaylark, TheForgivenOne, vexx, waseemalim, WidowMakers

Atlantis, the legend! For eons its secrets were lost to the world until a Pirate Brethren discovered the remains of this ancient civilization. In this time of strife and uncertainty, Atlantis has risen from the waves to rule once again. Our clan is based on these principles that bring success and camaraderie: * Respect Atlanteans and opponents alike * Show maturity, even in conflict * Be a ...
Average Score2,324.7
Score Range1,228-3,731
Clan War Record30/55 (54.5%)
Clan Game Record1354/2618 (51.7%)
Tournament Record5/38 (13.2%)
Tournament Score98
Details | Headquarters | Recruitment
Personnel: queen victorious (Leader), shoop76 (Leader), Tin Trumpet (Leader), akabob2, alansexy13, Bada0Bing, BoganGod, Crash_22, DBandit70, DonJuanIV, EagleByRob, Enormastitz, general cod, Heads or tails, ImNev, misteryforall, morleyjoe, murphy16, nibotha, Rallister13, stollmike, Tiller

A Fistful of Sixes
Formed in 2009 , A Fistful of Sixes grew to be one of the top competitive clans in CC. Consistently placing high in the Random League and Clan Leagues, we are looking to build the membership with past members and new players in the CC universe. We are always looking for good, talented team players, although a spirit of comradeship and fun is essential to join our clan.
Average Score1,798.6
Score Range1,011-2,480
Clan War Record17/37 (45.9%)
Clan Game Record806/1702 (47.4%)
Tournament Record0/31 (0.0%)
Tournament Score0
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Personnel: gorehound (Leader), 4red, ACE11, brightsyde, BuJaber, Coors1, czar richard, danwar, DaveS_WI, Feudal.Warrior, frank_tank, Frito Bandito, General Marshall, GeneralAL, I AM NATO, JesseColinScott, JOHNNYROCKET24, karel, King Tet, MasterCuti, mrs1329, Q-ello, rubilion, Saint21, serram, soccer913, stlouis, TheFanny, tommygun64, Xayton, yemphan, zmd9r6

Gladiators of Noxious
Gladiators of Noxious is our name, Your challenge will only add to our fame. We're prepared and fear nil, All are lethal, and trained to kill, Our mission in life is this game. Play us if you think that you should. Several have, and it did most no good. We're a clan of mixed ages - Some young, some old sages; Playing Risk since the pieces were wood. If you feel lucky, consider a bout Though t...
Average Score1,839.3
Score Range938-2,586
Clan War Record18/42 (42.9%)
Clan Game Record999/2043 (48.9%)
Tournament Record5/37 (13.5%)
Tournament Score35
Details | Headquarters
Personnel: Bantam (Leader), Frank Martel (Leader), jusplay4fun (Leader), MagnusGreeol (Leader), SoN!c (Leader), 11mi15, boatsports90, bplp49, c c, cdbridges, crasp, Cump Sherman, dyrtydog, elswick, Ewebasher, filopo, fuatpanza, GeeksAreMyPeeps, Gravityfailure, Hooch, imstillurdaddy, itstheGeneral, jagbuster, Jimmy V, johnnynagasaki, Killuminati19, King Edward 3rd, Lobstrosity, ManHatton, MGSteve, Mike22, mint-murray, MJC7890, Mojo2222, Odug, Otnal, Parked, Paul906, RKCVED, ruleroftheworld1, samwilson323, SC MAN, SCtrojandentist, Shoe555, Silvertop, SiriusCowKing, Sticky_Hatch, stompie, Thor60, TrigBallerBrand, TuffyLess and more...

Death by Dice
We are a Competitive Clan dedicated to to the fun side of the site. In-house Tourneys and Events, including Mafia, Puzzles and with Battle Challenges as a bonus. To be considered as a possible recruit, you will be looking for more than just a Clan. Participation in the Clan Events with a War on the side is another option that we would consider. Contact any of the Leadership Team to show your i...
Average Score1,740.0
Score Range636-3,178
Clan War Record8/22 (36.4%)
Clan Game Record444/984 (45.1%)
Tournament Record0/0
Tournament Score0
Details | Headquarters | Recruitment
Personnel: bergy1 (Leader), pershy (Leader), Ragian (Leader), Razorvich (Leader), chanakam2020, Chewie1, Darin44, dgz345, dorsettrob, DukeHazzard, eddie2, Guderian09, hutber, jbfloyd, jmarcotte, jonofperu, joshzam, Kotaro, Metricsystemlove, Noak11, PepeAtila, rizky_biznezz, skido, smwhitey, StorrZerg, tenman, TheJonah, tokle, trinicardinal, uyumaykimaw, Wile E Coyote, WinstonTurqhill, Zhukov1968

Royal Galactic Vengeance
Rule 1 1. Communication. The team that communicates well is successful. Whether you use in-game chat, live chat, PMs, IMs, Skype, or what have you, every team member needs to know the game plan. Whatever works."
Average Score1,871.5
Score Range923-2,685
Clan War Record8/26 (30.8%)
Clan Game Record543/1240 (43.8%)
Tournament Record0/31 (0.0%)
Tournament Score0
Details | Headquarters | Recruitment
Personnel: Kaiser_Tottenham (Leader), StackedAmazon (Leader), Amos811, conquerhero, D3A7H, Domination_44, dt03457, Fewnix, foxnews, j1mathman, kcsam87, luxbock, MEP, pmul, sportsgod24, SuperSian, TheRookThief, Tviorr, vykingsfan64

Knights Templar
The Knights Templar members should embody the qualities of comradeship, chivalry and mission clarity as embodied by the original order. Our clan wars and inter-clan games should always be conducted with integrity, humour and civility; our opponents treated as we would want to be treated ourselves; winning nobly or losing with good grace. We should always communicate and agree our strategies bef...
Average Score1,576.4
Score Range446-2,363
Clan War Record10/38 (26.3%)
Clan Game Record737/1787 (41.2%)
Tournament Record0/31 (0.0%)
Tournament Score0
Details | Headquarters | Recruitment
Personnel: DaveH (Leader), generalmighty (Leader), Rockiesman (Leader), Will Lee (Leader), BarkingAjax, bdb, BelgianVirus, Derek the Great, farinelli, General Brewsie, gerrafferty, heatz, jaxdadio, K-Pak, marand, MarktheMenace, mikeymike55, molespe, rosseo, Sotan, templeyard, therhino3, traffic133

Legends of the Zone
We are a Competive Clan. We formed this Clan with old friends who loved to play Risk. Now, we strive to master all the great games here at Conquer club as a growing TEAM. We will succeed. We will grow and... We will CONQUER!!! This is our club ---> Conquer
Average Score1,440.4
Score Range381-2,315
Clan War Record2/37 (5.4%)
Clan Game Record663/1837 (36.1%)
Tournament Record0/0
Tournament Score0
Details | Headquarters | Recruitment
Personnel: ScaryTeded (Leader), 1931roadster, actorday, crbluth, danfrank, Faro, fixitman4, Flanking You, GaryDenton, Gigi1, grayknight_2, Larry46, Leverpuller, Marie LaVeaux, MileHigh, MyTurnToWin, Pugsl3yPPugf0rd, rjhankey, Robert E Lee772, rocketman1, RUTHLESSNESS, seamusk, Shallimus, ultraman, VonBeseler, Wingnut 16ga

Competitive, social and about to take CC by storm. ACES will bring back the glory days of CC’s clan scene one win at a time.
Average Score2,590.9
Score Range1,407-4,067
Clan War Record4/4 (100.0%)
Clan Game Record170/251 (67.7%)
Tournament Record0/0
Tournament Score0
Details | Headquarters | Recruitment
Personnel: LFAW (Leader), TrafalgarLaw01 (Leader), 300spartans, abygorb, anonymus, Cakebatter, Chariot of Fire, Cofari, detlef, Dusty21, elMummio, gqmecock, HailCaesar, HolyHuguenot, Kaiser Szami, Khayam, Kingm, Lo Pan, MTIceman41, Nut Shot Scott, sealordgalandral, Tazyoglu, The peaceful one, tmrtsmith, Yatti

The Republic
The Republic is an honor based clan devoted to sophistication, communication, and subtlety in team play, striving for excellence in leagues, challenges, and tournaments. The Republic looks to find balance between the worlds we conquer whether on or off site. Requirements for membership include a willingness to collaborate, a penchant for camaraderie, and an excellent sense of humor. The Republi...
Average Score2,579.1
Score Range1,896-5,086
Clan War Record5/9 (55.6%)
Clan Game Record249/430 (57.9%)
Tournament Record0/0
Tournament Score0
Details | Headquarters | Recruitment
Personnel: Swimmerdude99 (Leader), TheSpaceCowboy (Leader), 4 U 2 NV, aaronvollrath, Arama86n, BabySasuke, badmunkay, bamage, CaronylKluster, catnipdreams, cheffed, Denise, dwilhelmi, FuegoFuego, Furio, i-andrei, IcePack, jdmcinty, Keefie, Leehar, ljex, Master Chief, MichelSableheart, mkcummins, mudfighter, Ninja Champion, nvanputten, Odeuminus, Paul Tabinor, pconnolly365, pmchugh, remo18, Robin Williams, The Voice, The_Samurai

LIONs have been admired throughout history as symbols of courage and strength. This clan emulates this legacy while cultivating a winning culture. Our clan is a prideful group of vets that are used to communicating, competing, and upholding loyalty to one another. We will focus on teamwork to grind out wins and become a clan that will compete for cup, league and clan wars.
Average Score2,524.2
Score Range1,783-3,431
Clan War Record1/2 (50.0%)
Clan Game Record65/123 (52.8%)
Tournament Record0/0
Tournament Score0
Details | Headquarters | Recruitment
Personnel: *Pixar* (Leader), davekettering (Leader), aad0906, adamator, Bullet_, colpowell, Cyclone_23x, downfall, dunewarr, Gematria74, happyfeet, Huyuk, jseal, Lindax, nikola_milicki, P*Funk!, panzermeyer, stotzi, Tiberius Maximus, Wheelwright, xroads, Zidane - 21