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Id Name Clans Dates Status Score Winners
4285[CC12] the Fallen vs Legends of War - May 2022FALL VS LOW2022-05-23 - 2022-05-23War Active/ Games ActiveFALL 0 VS LOW 0 Details
4284[CC12] The Republic vs Ascension - May 2022REP VS A^2022-05-22 - 2022-05-26War Active/ Games ActiveREP 0 VS A^ 0 Details
4283Retribution vs LIONs - May 2022RET VS LION2022-05-16 - 2022-05-28War Active/ Games ActiveRET 0 VS LION 0 Details
4282[CC12] Spanked and Milked vs The Odd Fellows Union - May 2022S&M VS TOFU2022-05-22 - 2022-05-28War Active/ Games ActiveS&M 3 VS TOFU 2 Details
4281Death by Dice vs Fraternal Order of Exceptional Drinkers - Apr 2022DBD VS FOED2022-05-07 - 2022-05-28War Active/ Games ActiveDBD 7 VS FOED 7 Details
4142Retribution vs Fraternal Order of Exceptional Drinkers - Mar 2022RET VS FOED2022-04-25 - 2022-05-28War Active/ Games ActiveRET 4 VS FOED 4 Details
4140[CC12] The Republic vs Retribution - Feb 2022REP VS RET2022-03-13 - 2022-05-28War Active/ Games ActiveREP 28 VS RET 14 Details
4139[CC12] Atlantis vs AWOL - Mar 2022ATL VS AWOL2022-03-23 - 2022-05-27War Active/ Games InactiveATL 22 VS AWOL 21 Details
4138[CC12] Legends of War vs Fraternal Order of Exceptional Drinkers - Feb 2022LOW VS FOED2022-03-08 - 2022-05-28War Active/ Games ActiveLOW 24 VS FOED 18 Details
4137Death by Dice vs A Fistful of Sixes - Feb 2022DBD VS AFOS2022-02-25 - 2022-05-28War Active/ Games ActiveDBD 23 VS AFOS 17 Details