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Id Name Clans Dates Status Score Winners
4732[CC14] Ascension vs The Republic - Apr 2024A^ VS REP2024-04-28 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveA^ 7 VS REP 9 Details
4731[CC14] Spanked and Milked vs Les Hussards du Dragon - Mar 2024S&M VS LHDD2024-04-07 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveS&M 14 VS LHDD 22 Details
4730[CC14] ACES vs the Fallen - Mar 2024ACES VS FALL2024-04-02 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveACES 26 VS FALL 19 Details
4728[CC14] The Odd Fellows Union vs Atlantis - Mar 2024TOFU VS ATL2024-03-25 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveTOFU 27 VS ATL 21 Details
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