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Id Name Clans Dates Status Score Winners
4743[RLXIV] R2 - ATL vs REPATL VS REP2024-05-17 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveATL 0 VS REP 1 Details
4742[RLXIV] R2 - LION vs DBDLION VS DBD2024-05-15 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveLION 1 VS DBD 2 Details
4741[RLXIV] R2 - FOED vs A^FOED VS A^2024-05-12 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveFOED 1 VS A^ 2 Details
4740[RLXIV] R2 - ACES vs RGVACES VS RGV2024-05-18 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveACES 0 VS RGV 0 Details
4739[RLXIV] R2 - AFOS vs LOWAFOS VS LOW2024-05-14 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveAFOS 0 VS LOW 2 Details
4738[RLXIV] R1 - LOW vs LHDDLOW VS LHDD2024-05-07 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveLOW 3 VS LHDD 4 Details
4737[RLXIV] R1 - RGV vs AFOSRGV VS AFOS2024-04-26 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveRGV 6 VS AFOS 2 Details
4736[RLXIV] R1 - A^ vs ACESA^ VS ACES2024-05-09 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveA^ 2 VS ACES 4 Details
4735[RLXIV] R1 - DBD vs FOEDDBD VS FOED2024-04-30 - 2024-05-16War Active/ Games InactiveDBD 4 VS FOED 8 Details
4734[RLXIV] R1 - REP vs LIONREP VS LION2024-05-07 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveREP 3 VS LION 5 Details
4713[CL15] [TD] R10 - DBD vs RGVDBD VS RGV2024-05-01 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveDBD 7 VS RGV 2 Details
4712[CL15] [TD] R10 - RGV vs DBDRGV VS DBD2024-05-07 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveRGV 3 VS DBD 5 Details
4711[CL15] [TD] R10 - KNT vs ACESKNT VS ACES2024-04-30 - 2024-05-15War Active/ Games InactiveKNT 3 VS ACES 9 Details
4710[CL15] [TD] R10 - ACES vs KNTACES VS KNT2024-04-25 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveACES 8 VS KNT 0 Details
4709[CL15] [TD] R9 - ACES vs DBDACES VS DBD2024-04-11 - 2024-05-04War Active/ Games InactiveACES 6 VS DBD 6 Details
4708[CL15] [TD] R9 - DBD vs ACESDBD VS ACES2024-04-10 - 2024-05-16War Active/ Games InactiveDBD 4 VS ACES 8 Details
4707[CL15] [TD] R9 - AFOS vs KNTAFOS VS KNT2024-04-17 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveAFOS 4 VS KNT 6 Details
4706[CL15] [TD] R9 - KNT vs AFOSKNT VS AFOS2024-04-06 - 2024-04-20War Active/ Games InactiveKNT 7 VS AFOS 5 Details
4673[CL15] [SD] R10 - FOED vs GONFOED VS GON2024-04-30 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveFOED 5 VS GON 5 Details
4672[CL15] [SD] R10 - GON vs FOEDGON VS FOED2024-05-04 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveGON 1 VS FOED 7 Details
4671[CL15] [SD] R10 - LOW vs RETLOW VS RET2024-05-04 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveLOW 4 VS RET 3 Details
4670[CL15] [SD] R10 - RET vs LOWRET VS LOW2024-05-04 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveRET 3 VS LOW 6 Details
4669[CL15] [SD] R9 - RET vs FOEDRET VS FOED2024-04-13 - 2024-05-06War Active/ Games InactiveRET 7 VS FOED 5 Details
4668[CL15] [SD] R9 - FOED vs RETFOED VS RET2024-04-11 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveFOED 8 VS RET 3 Details
4667[CL15] [SD] R9 - ATL vs LOWATL VS LOW2024-04-14 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveATL 4 VS LOW 6 Details
4666[CL15] [SD] R9 - LOW vs ATLLOW VS ATL2024-04-13 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveLOW 5 VS ATL 6 Details
4665[CL15] [SD] R8 - GON vs RETGON VS RET2024-03-22 - 2024-05-05War Active/ Games InactiveGON 7 VS RET 5 Details
4664[CL15] [SD] R8 - RET vs GONRET VS GON2024-03-17 - 2024-04-16War Active/ Games InactiveRET 6 VS GON 6 Details
4663[CL15] [SD] R8 - FOED vs ATLFOED VS ATL2024-03-24 - 2024-05-14War Active/ Games InactiveFOED 8 VS ATL 4 Details
4662[CL15] [SD] R8 - ATL vs FOEDATL VS FOED2024-03-21 - 2024-04-13War Active/ Games InactiveATL 5 VS FOED 7 Details
4633[CL15] [PD] R10 - FALL vs LIONFALL VS LION2024-05-04 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveFALL 4 VS LION 1 Details
4632[CL15] [PD] R10 - LION vs FALLLION VS FALL2024-05-08 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveLION 4 VS FALL 3 Details
4631[CL15] [PD] R10 - TOFU vs A^TOFU VS A^2024-05-13 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveTOFU 1 VS A^ 4 Details
4630[CL15] [PD] R10 - A^ vs TOFUA^ VS TOFU2024-05-09 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveA^ 5 VS TOFU 1 Details
4629[CL15] [PD] R9 - A^ vs FALLA^ VS FALL2024-04-15 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveA^ 4 VS FALL 6 Details
4628[CL15] [PD] R9 - FALL vs A^FALL VS A^2024-04-17 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveFALL 5 VS A^ 5 Details
4627[CL15] [PD] R9 - S&M vs TOFUS&M VS TOFU2024-04-16 - 2024-05-17War Active/ Games ActiveS&M 4 VS TOFU 7 Details
4626[CL15] [PD] R9 - TOFU vs S&MTOFU VS S&M2024-04-20 - 2024-05-18War Active/ Games ActiveTOFU 5 VS S&M 6 Details
4625[CL15] [PD] R8 - LION vs A^LION VS A^2024-03-24 - 2024-04-24War Active/ Games InactiveLION 3 VS A^ 9 Details
4624[CL15] [PD] R8 - A^ vs LIONA^ VS LION2024-03-23 - 2024-05-06War Active/ Games InactiveA^ 8 VS LION 4 Details
4623[CL15] [PD] R8 - FALL vs S&MFALL VS S&M2024-03-27 - 2024-05-12War Active/ Games InactiveFALL 7 VS S&M 5 Details
4622[CL15] [PD] R8 - S&M vs FALLS&M VS FALL2024-03-26 - 2024-04-27War Active/ Games InactiveS&M 5 VS FALL 7 Details
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