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Community Run Tournaments

Winners of Community Tournaments are awarded Achievement Medals and organizers are awarded Contribution Medals. The tournaments on this page are accepting players. To participate in a tournament, click on the title and follow the instructions in the tournament's topic. To read about starting your own, check out the Conquer Club Tournament Handbook.
Title Type Organizer(s)
Play-Now Tournaments (Needing Reserves) Official
2021 ATP tennis tour 1 vs 1
CCPGA First Ministers Cup 1 vs 1
CM Series: Feudal War 1 vs 1
CM Series: Feudal War Dubs Doubles
CM Series: Feudal War Trench 1 vs 1
Doodle Assassin. Assassin
Double Chance Poly-3 #2 Polymorphic
Dream Team Fantasy Draft#4 Quadruples
MJs Favourite Maps Poly Tourney Polymorphic
One Man Clan V Mixed
Quads Team Challenge Quadruples
Quarterly Challenge #2 Comp. Tourney Polymorphic
USA Assassin Assassin


AutoTournaments are scheduled and managed by the Conquer Club system. The tournaments on this page are accepting players. Each tournament will start when the required number of players has joined, unless there is a scheduled start time. Click on View for more details about the tournament. Click here to find Active and Completed AutoTournaments. For help on how AutoTournaments function go here.
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